Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 324

All of the pets love greeting the kids when they get home from school, this rarely happens but it does a lot in this generation!

Those slippers are the cutest things ever!

Topher learned how to walk!

And he's so happy about it.

It's time for the first born to become a teen, her childhood went by fast!

Tiegan is a pretty teenager!

Tiger: "Play with me now that you're bigger!"

Max aged up! I was away from the house when it happened so I missed his sparkles.

He's a happy doggy!

Now he's a sleepy doggy.

Oh no, grumpy baby. RUN!

Leighton: "He is always grumpy."

It's time for the fall festival, the kids are carving a few pumpkins.

I wonder what everyone will carve?

Adkyn: "This is the worst part."

It's my favorite part.

Adkyn: "It's so cold and squishy!"

Adkyn: "Done, mine is the best."

Tiegan: "I guess I'll just smash mine since it's not the best!"

Tiegan: "HULK SMASH!"

Tiegan: "I could become addicted to this."

Max finally learned to potty outside!

Leighton: "Max is a good boy, give me kisses!"

I feel bad when the pets sleep on the floor, they need to sleep on the beds.


Tempest is cute! She likes to dance too.

Getting bigger!

Brenner is dying... again!

Brenner: "Ta da! Bet you didn't expect this, huh?"

Grim: "No, I did expect it. Will you please just give up, old man?"

Grim couldn't take Brenner so he's taking Dexter.

Dexter Baudelaire
May 1, 2015 - August 10, 2015

Oh sure, you can use the shower, thanks for asking.

Tiger: "What is that kid playing with?"

Something very creepy.


Leighton: "AGAIN."

It's another boy!

Introducing, Casper Baudelaire

Still can't figure out the name pattern?  :P

Good job, at least you waited until you had the baby.


Okay, I thought the kids were cute but Casper is officially the cutest kid in this generation.

I can't get over how cute he is!

I'll stop taking pictures... for now.

Scratch that, he's just too adorable, even Brenner thinks so.

Time to learn how to walk!


  1. Why can't I figure out this mystery?

    1. Don't think themes but look at the letters in the names, it's not a common letter in every single name but something very close. I don't want to give too much away. :P