Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 307

Hadley: "This is too much work!"

Hadley: "Scratch break."

Hadley: "I think I feel something, is it treasure?"

Hadley: "NOT TREASURE!!!"

Hadley: "Get them off of me!"

Hadley left after freaking out, she was done for the day.

Syrah: "Hahaha, this video is hilarious!"

Syrah is spending most of her vacation studying. 

Hadley: "Kiss me on top of the world!"

Hadley: "Will you also marry me on top of the world?"

Syrah: "You know my answer is yes!!!"

Hadley: "We have to take a picture to remember the best day of our lives."

Hadley: "I wonder if this works, it's been in the family for years."

Hadley: "Still waiting!"

Hadley: "It's so... gorgeous!"

Hadley: "This is the greatest thing I've ever seen!"

Hadley: "Let's finish our ceremony and exchange rings."

Hadley: "Are you ready to be a Baudelaire?"

That's a scary question.

Time to catch some fish to take home!

Hadley: "My beautiful wife caught my heart and some fish."

Sim: "What are you doing to me?!"

Syrah: "Sucking your blood!"

Syrah: "Ahh, tasty."

Sim: "Is she going to suck my blood too?"

No, she's too worried about her invisible ring.

More fireworks!

Hadley: "Want to watch the stars and fireworks together?"

Hadley: "That one looks like a plumbob!"

It does, that's awesome!

Syrah: "I can't have a little bite???"

Syrah: "We're back home!"

Syrah: "That means it's time to start on babies!"

Cairo: "But I'm the baby."

Lunar: "Don't worry, you will always be my baby."

I think there's a little Baudelaire on the way!

Oh... is there another Baudelaire on the way?!

Hadley graduated!

Brenner: "Graduating is evil, hehehehe!"

Dexter: "Don't sneak up on me!"

Dexter: "I get scared easily."

Lima Bean: "I like to sneak up on Dexter."

The first pop!

And another pop! It will be crazy if both of them have multiples.

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