Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 306

Hadley: "I'm about to age up, isn't that awesome?!"

Hadley: "I look great."

Hadley: "If you don't agree with me, I will beat you up."

Hadley's traits!

Syrah: "Hello, I'm new here."

Hadley: "Hi, new girl!"

Hadley: "So... what's your name and where did you come from?"

Syrah: "My name is Syrah Cohen, I came from a different place and  I have something I need to tell you before we get to know each other..."

Syrah: "I'm a vampire, is that okay?"

Hadley: "A... VAMPIRE??? I guess that's okay, I've never met a vampire before."

Syrah: "Let me show you how vampires kiss!"

Hadley: "Vampires are amazing kissers!"

Syrah: "I know, right?"

Hadley: "I could marry you right here."

Hadley: "But I will dip kiss you instead."

Hadley: "This is how normal Sims kiss."

Lunar: "I've never seen a vampire before, do you smell different?"

Hadley: "Don't mind all of the glass breaking, I'm still learning."

Hadley: "I don't think I'll ever get the hang of this."

Hadley: "Don't make fun of me or I'll beat you up."

Hadley wants to beat everyone up.

Sundance: "Oh my goodness, what's happening."

Sundance: "Oh, now I see what's happening."

Sundance has passed away! She will be missed so much.

Sundance Baudelaire
August 24, 2014 - May 5, 2015

Brenner: "Look at my baby pictures, I was adorable."

Syrah: "Oh, yeah... you were."

Brenner: "Are you calling me an ugly baby?!"

Syrah: "When did I say that?!"

Syrah: "Now YOU were an adorable baby!"

Brenner: "Oh, so you think she was a cute baby but I wasn't?"

Brenner: "You are so rude!"

Strudel is back!

She decided to take a nap on the bed.

Hadley: "I miss Strudel so much!"

Hadley: "Hi, I would like to book a flight for two to Shang Simla!"

Hadley: "Guess what, we're going to Shang Simla!"

Syrah: "My umbrella won't fit in my suitcase."

Hadley: "Oooh, this adventure looks fun!"

Syrah: "Hadley is leaving me to go on an adventure!"

Syrah: "I guess I can have some fun too."

Hadley went jogging before her adventure.

Hadley: "I don't think I'm heavy enough!"

Hadley: "This place doesn't look very safe."

Welcome to the family, Syrah!

Syrah is from the Cohen Legacy!

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