Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 309

Syrah keeps leaving these things everywhere.

Clementine: "Don't slip in the puddle!"

Weston: "I'm only a few days old and I'm walking!"

Learning to walk and potty on the same day!

He's so cute!

Weston: "I know I'm cute but you don't have to watch me potty."

There's a floating chair in the party room!

And there's a dancing toddler in the nursery! The boys are always so happy.

Hyatt: "Do you like watching me dance and potty?"

Brenner is busy cooking so Clementine is taking over toddler duty.

Weston: "I like grandma more, she doesn't talk about world domination."

Hyatt: "I love dancing!"

Such a happy kid!

Seriously, he's always happy!

Brenner's garden still looks nice, I should add a few more plants.

What's this? Another baby is on the way!

Hyatt: "I don't want to be a big brother!"

Syrah is out on the town sucking blood tonight, she needs to complete her LTW.

Sim: "Does this mean I'm going to turn into a vampire?"

YEP! Syrah will turn the whole town by the time she's done.

From toddler duty to toilet duty, this is a dirty job.

All of the elders take care of the toddlers, it gives Hadley and Syrah time to work on their LTW's.

Hyatt knows how to walk now!

Hyatt: "Look at me grandpa, I can walk!"

Weston: "When do I get to learn how to walk?"

You already know how!

Dexter taking a break from napping to scratch on the scratching post.

How romantic, kissing while Hyatt digs in his nose.

Hadley: "Boop! I got your little nose."

Syrah: "Tickle, tickle! I got your tummy."

Someone needs to feed Hyatt, he's trying to eat the blocks!

Hyatt: "I just like chewing on them!"

Weston: "This... it makes music?!"

Weston maxed his skills so he's enjoying the dollhouse.

Weston: "This head won't pop off."

Weston: "Maybe I should try to chew on the toys."

Weston: "Look, you can chew on them like this!"

Hyatt: "Like this?"

Lunar is finally greeting the kids, it took long enough.

Hadley is getting big!


Voxel is an elder!


And Cairo is an adult! I think it's time to find Cairo a spouse.

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