Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 308 (Introducing Generation 29!)

Dexter looks so cute sleeping.

That's a good thing because he sleeps all of the time.

Ierik: "Vampire bites hurt!"

Strudel is visiting again!

Lunar: "I want to play with the ghost dog."

Pregnancy makes Syrah tired, she has been napping all day.

Brenner: "Do you like your tablet?"

Dexter: "Can you nuzzle me?"

Strudel never leaves now, nobody minds though.

Matching bumps!

Syrah: "I can't wait to meet our babies."

Hadley: "That's a good thing because this baby is coming right now!"

Syrah: "I've never seen a birth before, what do I do?!"

You go into labor too, that's what you do!

Hadley: "Wait... so we're BOTH in labor?"

Matching bumps to matching labor!

The first baby of generation 29 is a boy! Introducing, Weston Baudelaire!

And it's another boy! Introducing, Hyatt Baudelaire!

They love their baby boys.

Syrah: "Pregnancy and labor killed my back!"


The infant days flew by, it's time for the toddler stage!

Weston is so cute! He's a vampire like Syrah, we're finally getting some of Clementine's genes.


Another vampire! Hyatt also got some of Clementine's genes.

Hyatt: "I look cuter than Weston."

Hadley: "My babies are adorable."

Hadley: "Tickle Tickle!"

It's like we have a set of twins because they're the same age and so similar.

Nap time! Hyatt doesn't want to nap.

I don't think Weston wants to nap either.

But after sitting in the crib for a little while Hyatt finally passed out.

Weston wasn't far behind him, they're on the same schedule now.

Hadley: "I like to stay in the nursery and watch over my babies."

Of course Dexter is sleeping too, that's the only thing he ever does.

Weston: "I just got my first taste of this amazing milk!"

Hyatt: "Weston is right, this is amazing."

Brenner doing what he has done with many toddlers... teaching them how to talk!

Hyatt: "Why is he holding a wrench?"

We've been asking this forever. 

I just realized I forgot to share Dexter's traits!

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