Friday, March 4, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 292

Ghost kitty!

Oliver has to catch a fish for school so he started on that as soon as he got home.

Oliver: "I just realized something... I don't know how to fish!"

Getting big!

He finished his work, now it's time to play!

You should change into your swimwear.

Ierik spends a lot of time looking through the telescope, it looks like he finally got a visitor!

Ierik: "What's happening?!"

Ierik: "Is that what I think it is?!"


Ierik: "Please don't abduct me, I'll stop stalking you with the telescope!"

Ierik: "That was... awkward."

Alien: "Call me."

Ierik: "I feel strange."

Clementine: "I feel strange too!"

It's another blue boy! Seriously, when will I get a girl or a different color?!

Introducing, Nathen Baudelaire!

Clementine: "Drink your milk."

Clementine: "I only want ONE more kid!"

Good luck, you're having many more.


Hemingway is an elder!

Finally caught almost all of the cats together!

Ierik: "Another clone?"

Party time for Nathen!


Yay! He's not a clone!

He's a good mix of everyone, he got Ierik's skin, Clementine's eyes and Sundance's hair.

Ierik: "I'm gonna tickle you!"

Ierik: "Tickle, tickle, tickle!"

Ierik: "What is happening to me?! This isn't normal!"

Ierik: "I'm pregnant with an alien baby!"

And Clementine is pregnant with a Baudelaire baby!

Nathen: "There's going to be TWO babies?!"

Sundance: "This is Sundance, I'm calling into work for the last time... because I'm retiring!"

Sundance retired!

Brenner: "Just don't tell anyone about my world domination plans, kid."

Nathen: "Oooh, I have blackmail."

Ridley is nomming down on his toy while Nathen tries to learn how to talk.

Nathen: "Do you mind?"

Ridley: "Shut up, I'm older than you."

Really? Someone is being lazy!

Brenner took a break from the kids to clean up his mess so Sundance is helping!

Those little pajama pants are so cute!

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