Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 295

Strudel: "Is that an alien?"

Strudel: "Let me sniff you and see if you smell different from the other kids."

Strudel: "Aliens smell weird."

Nathen spends a lot of time working on his logic skill.

Nathen: "I've made it to level 5!"

Shaylie: "Hi puppy!"

Shaylie: "Bad puppy!"

Voxel is being a mean little puppy!

Shaylie: "You're mean, don't come near me again."

It's almost time to meet another little Baudelaire!

Ierik: "I saw our neighbors throw some nice stuff away, I want it."

Ierik: "Did someone see me digging in the trash?!"

Ierik: "I hope nobody sees me!"

Clementine: "I think it's time."

That's right... it's baby time!

It's another girl! She's blue, of course.

Introducing, Laikyn Baudelaire!

Clementine: "How many blue kids will I have?"

Ierik: "All of my kids want to look like me."

Orion: "Feed me, earthling!"

There's a party going on upstairs!

Oliver: "What are these things?!"

Oliver is so cute!

Nathen: "Yay, parties."

Ridley: "He's cuter than me."


Another clone of Ierik!

An adorable clone.

She's just so cute! I don't care if all of the kids are clones.

Sundance: "You look so much like your daddy."

Laikyn: "Everyone keeps saying that, I get it."

Sundance: "The claw is coming for Laikyn!"

Laikyn: "Get this crazy old lady away from me!"

Sundance: "It's okay, it's just the tickle monster."

The Baudelaire's potion collection is looking nice!

There's a few gems too.

It's skill time for the toddlers, I feel like they're triplets since they're all the same age for a little while.

Laikyn: "I don't want to learn how to talk."

Laikyn: "I'm speaking now, I already know how to talk."

Laikyn: "Why have I never had this amazing stuff?!"

Laikyn: "I want some more of it."

Laikyn: "Now it's nap time?!"