Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 272

Omelette: "This puppy is tiny."

Hemingway: "Who are you calling tiny?!"

Hemingway: "I'm not just tiny, I'm cute!"

Greeting the other pets!

And getting nuzzles from mom.

Hemingway: "You smell funny."

Brenner: "You smell funny too, I think it's time for a bath!"

Hemingway: "I don't smell funny."

Hemingway: "Do I?"

Brenner: "That block goes here."

Keinlyn: "You're so evil, stop telling me the wrong thing!"

Brenner: "Hello, baby. You can come out soon so I can steal your candy."

Pennie: "Do you see this?!"

Pennie: "He's eating all of my food!"

Eating all of the food and tripping on his own feet, that sounds like me!

Hemingway: "I didn't trip, I did that on purpose."

He was tired so he fell asleep right where he tripped.

He moved to the bed to be closer to Wesker later.

It's almost time!

Keinlyn: "I don't want a brother or sister!"

Sundance: "NOW she tells me she doesn't want a sibling?!"

It's too late to not want a sibling now, baby #2 is another girl! Introducing, Zaylee Baudelaire!

Brenner: "You're so adorable, I've been waiting so long to meet you."

Brenner: "Now, give me all your candy!"

Brenner: "Hehehe, all babies have lollipops hidden in their blankets."

Zaylee: "He took my hidden candy!"

Sawyer: "Seriously? You took her candy and didn't share any with me?"

Sawyer: "It's okay, I'll keep your candy stealing daddy away from you."

Hemingway is a good little puppy, he potties outside!

And only chews on the toys, he never destroys furniture.


Pennie is an elder! She doesn't look much different.

Brenner: "Hi! Just checking to see if you have more lollipops."

Sundance: "Peek-A-Boo!"

Brenner: "As soon as Sundance leaves I will steal all the candy!

It's party time for baby Zaylee! I wonder who she will look like, I want a Brenner clone.


Definitely not a Brenner clone, she looks so much like Keinlyn!

Brenner: "I'm starting to wonder if these kids are mine, they don't look like me."

She's so cute when she's sleeping and not crying.

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