Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 271

There's no time for a honeymoon so Brenner and Sundance just decided to play in the water.

Of course Sundance is in her winter clothes.

And Brenner has red chest hair?!?!

They're so childish and adorable!

Keinlyn: "I want to play in the water."

No playing in the water for Keinlyn, she has to eat and nap.

Keinlyn: "I would rather eat and nap any day!"

Me too!

Wesker: "I'm going to steal that milk."

Wesker: "But until then, I will sharpen my claws."

Cassie is still on baby duty, she takes care of Keinlyn for the rest of the day after school.

Keinlyn: "Don't leave, auntie."

Working on baby #2!

Loklyn went over to visit Blake because he had a baby, I think he's excited.

She looks just like Blake! 

Loklyn: "That baby is the cutest little thing ever!"

Loklyn: "You're the cutest thing ever too."

Loklyn: "Tickles make everything better!"

Whisker: "Not for me, if he tries to tickle me I will attack him."

Keinlyn: "Grandpa said my cousin is the cutest thing ever, not me."

Sundance: "How could he?!"

Sundance: "I think I'm going to be sick!"

Keinlyn: "Does that mean baby brother or sister?"

Pennie: "Stop touching our mailbox!"

Pennie scared the mail out of her.

This kid eats all the time!

Seriously, it's like she never stops eating.

Sundance: "The thought of food makes me sick!"

I'm hoping for a boy this time, my game hates me so I doubt I will get my wish.

Cassie: "Sundance is having another baby?! Yay!"

Cassie: "Oh, I'm aging up too!"

Cassie is gorgeous! I almost decided to do double heir but I decided to set her free into the world.

Sundance: "You can do it, it's only a few steps."

Sundance: "See! You're doing it, only a little more!"

Brenner: "Isn't my invisible ring beautiful?"

Sundance: "Mine is too, I love being married."

Someone broke the washing machine!

Pennie: "I can't get in trouble because there's soap in this water, it's like I'm bathing myself!"

The bump is slowly growing!

Sawyer: "Garden duties don't go away just because it's raining."

Pennie: "Where did this puppy come from? It looks a lot like me."

Meet the new puppy, Hemingway! He's Pennie's puppy, she had him with another dog in the neighborhood and he is so cute! He gets the yellow spots from his other parent.