Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 273

So cute and peaceful when he's snoozing!

Pennie: "Wanna play chase?!"

Hemingway: "Catch me if you can!"

Time to learn how to walk! Look at how cute that ruffle butt is.

Zaylee: "I'm walking!!!"

Loklyn: "Go, Zaylee! I knew you could do it."

Feeding time! Both girls are on the same schedule now so they do everything together.

Zaylee: "This tastes like bananas, is it made from bananas?!"

Someone forgot to put Keinlyn in her crib!

Zaylee: "I don't want to sleep on the floor!"

Loklyn: "Make the noise stop!"

Sawyer came to the rescue! She put Keinlyn down for her nap and started teaching Zaylee how to talk.

Zaylee: "Walking was a lot easier, can I just do that?"

It's cold and rainy out here, get inside!

Yes, dip your fully clothed daughter in the cold water... great idea.

Brenner: "It's cold outside but it's warm in here!"

Sundance: "I see toasty buns!"

Sawyer: "This Pug painting is awesome!"

Hemingway: "Why are you in my way? I'm trying to chew on things."

It's Keinlyn's birthday!


Adorable and derpy! I just love her eye color.

Sundance: "My daughter is derpy?!"

Sundance: "It's something in the air, right?! I bet I can capture it!"

Sundance: "There, it's all gone now, how hard was that?!"

Keinlyn: "There's something wrong with her."

Everyone is dressed up for a winter photo shoot!

They're so cute! They have to be cold too, time to head inside.

Hemingway: "Make this little elf kid get away from me!"

Pennie: "Time to get out of here before the kid tries to mess with me."

Pennie ran out of the room after peeing on the floor.

Zaylee: "Why is he mopping that up? I was going to play in it."

Wesker: "Hi!"

Zaylee: "Our kitty is so cute and friendly!"

It's not a very pretty day to be running around outside, Pennie!

Omelette: "I want to run around outside too!"

Sundance: "Not me, I need to beat this game."

Sundance: "I think I almost have it."

Sundance: "I... I lost!"

Whisker: "Your tv woke me from my catnap!"

Wesker: "Turn that loud tv off!"

Eww! Where do these nasty chunks of food come from?!

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