Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 267

Sawyer: "Do you see this blue aura?"

Sawyer: "Why am I glowing?!"

Sawyer: "I look awesome surrounded by blue."

Sawyer: "Imagine the look on Loklyn's face when he sees me!"

Sawyer: "I'll play a fairy trick on him while I'm scaring him."

Cassie: "Grandma is a prankster."

Novie had to upgrade the stove, the kitties are napping through all of the beating and banging.

Sundance: "I hope this sleep potion works!"

Sundance: "I feel pretty good, now time for bed."

Pennie: "Why is she going to bed after drinking a sleep potion?"

The gnomes love listening to the stereo!

While Pennie munches away on her toy.

This room is so colorful, Pennie almost gets lost in it.

Sundance: "He has purple wings???"

Sundance: "I've never noticed that before."

Blake: "Just imagine you're in a cold, cold place."

Cassie: "Blake! What just happened?!"

Cassie: "Warm me up!"

Sundance: "The voices are talking to me again!"

Sundance: "I mean... I'm fine."

Loklyn has been asleep in that chair forever, I haven't seen him in days.

Loklyn: "Come here, let me snuggle you."

*Smoochie Smoochie*

Whisker: "Nobody will groom me so I guess I have to do it myself."

Whisker: "What are you looking at?"

The baby gnomes have invaded the garden! They're adorable and eating their feet, not the plants.

Stop being weird in public!

Cashier: "Hahaha, those Baudelaire's are so weird!"

Apparently Cassie and Blake enjoy embarrassing themselves.

Sawyer: "Why would you do the smustle at the elixir shop without me?!"

Blake: "I'm sorry, it was my jam."

Take a shower, stinky!

Sundance: "Eww, when was the last time she bathed?"

Novie is tending to the garden but she's getting old, we need to find someone to take over.

Sundance: "I can take over, I almost kept that fish alive once, I think I can handle a garden."

Sundance: "I bet Cassie doesn't know I licked her food."

Cassie: "WHAT?!"

Wesker loves the fishy tunnel.

Cassie and Blake decided to take a quick nap after school, it's prom night!

Whisker: "If Cassie wears a shiny, frilly dress, I will destroy it."

Whisker: "Just imagine how much I could shred a dress."


  1. Another cute update fromt he Baudelaire's. Looking forward to next weekend.

  2. i really love yur pets :) cute and so funny !!
    happy bday to the blog, may it has manny more updates beacause i love it :D
    MoliLoli or KimBauer ^^