Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 265

Since the kids have been trapped inside all week they decided to go outside and have some snow fun.

Cassie: "My snow angel sucks and I'm cold!"

The boys are smart enough to put on more clothes before going out into the snow.

Even the parents decided to play in the snow.

Not while the kids are outside!!!

Samuel: "I can't believe mom and dad would do that."

Emilia: "It's going to hit you right in the face!"

Sundance: "Ow! How dare you hit your queen!"

Sundance: "I can't believe Emilia hit me with the snowball!"

Sundance: "No, I can't choke myself!"

Samuel: "There's something wrong with her."

We all know there's something wrong with Sundance but do you know what's wrong with this?

It's too adorable! That's what's wrong.

Samuel: "Hmmm, I get one wish? Well..."

Samuel: "I would wish to be hotter but we all know that's not possible."

Samuel: "Right?"

Cassie: "Yay, I get Samuel's room!"

Meanwhile outside in the freezing cold...

Samuel: "Haha, your cake is smaller than mine!"

They're the same size, Samuel...

Sundance: "I wish Samuel would disappear!"

Sundance is SO pretty! I couldn't decide between Cassie and Sundance but I think I know now.

Emilia: "It's me, RIGHT?!"

Did I say Cassie or Emilia? No.

Novie: "Please don't let the crazy one be heiress!"

Sundance: "Who is she calling crazy?"

Sundance: "Not me!!!"

Loklyn has been MIA for a while, I found him passed out in the nursery.

Sundance: "I never noticed how adorably fuzzy you were!"

Sundance: "You're almost as adorable as me."


Sundance: "Who said that?!"

Sundance: "I know you think I'm crazy but I've been hearing a voice."

Sundance: "It's all good though."


Whisker is an adult! The kitten stage didn't last long.


Wesker is also an adult! I'm not sure which one will carry on the kitty legacy.

Pennie: "Kitty legacy? Is there a dog legacy too?"

Whisker: "Nope, no dog legacy, people only love us kitties."

Sundance is off on a snowy adventure!

I wonder how long it will take for her to fall.

Sundance: "Not long at all!"

Sundance: "Someone catch me, I'm going to break my butt!"

Sundance: "Then I won't be able to sit at my computer all day!"

She's a pro, it only took all day.

She's a pro at being insane too.


  1. super! crazy and beautiful, good choice ^^

  2. Awesome post! so.. am I doing my legacy right then... The Payne's had a son(even if they had a daughter) I'd let the first born stay in the house...(in this case Roy Payne) while all the rest... (The Twins Yuna & Rikku, Samuel, and soon Squall) move out right...and then I leave Roy Payne's first born(in this case it's a boy) stay in the house as well...and move any other kids Roy Payne and his wife have out...right? please let me know.. also The Payne Legacy is for The Sims 2.