Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 266

Sleepy kitties!

Wesker: "You were watching us sleep?!"

Cassie loves the snow, she's outside almost all day every day, she will be sad when winter ends.

Omelette: "Where's Cassie?! I want to destroy her snowman!"

Loklyn: "Stupid dog always wanting to destroy stuff."

Whisker: "3...2...1..."

Wesker doesn't suspect a thing.

Whisker: "That's what you get for eating my food!"

Ahh, sisterly love after being mean to each other.

It's Emilia's birthday! I'm sad to see her age up and move out, she was almost heiress.

Emilia is gorgeous! She's going to make beautiful babies with a lucky Sim.

Emilia married into the Cohen family! You can follow her here, she marries the 10th generation heir.

It's also Cassie's birthday!

She's just as pretty as her sisters! I love all the blue.

Sawyer: "I hate blue!"

Cassie: "Does that mean Grandma hates me too?!"

Sundance: "Whooo! Grandma hates Cassie, that means I'm still the favorite!"

Novie: "Is she serious?"

I'm glad she's scratching this instead of the furniture.

Can I be this cat?!

Rest in peace, birdy. You were an awesome bird!

Whisker: "I can eat it now???"

Sawyer: "That kitty better stay away from my bird!"

Sawyer: "I mean... that kitty better come here for snuggles."

I can't get over how beautiful Sundance is!

Cassie: "What about me?"

Visiting grandbabies! 

Nolan had twin girls, this one got her hair from the Baudelaire side.

Sawyer went over to visit Samuel and his new baby, we got to see how great he is at being a parent.

His little boy aged up while Sawyer was visiting, Sawyer loves her grandbabies!

He is so cute!

Sawyer decided to feed him since he was in the snow when she arrived.

Omelette: "Wanna play?! Huh, I wanna play!"

Sundance is working hard on her novel, she writes all the time.

Loklyn: "Maybe if I stay in here and pretend to work out I won't have to do anything.

Wesker and Whisker: "We're off on a mission!"

Whisker and Wesker: "You will never find us!"

Blake: "I found you hiding under the couch, what were you trying to hide from me?"

Wesker: "Nothing, I would never hide a thing from you..."

Whisker: "They can never find out about our secret kitty world domination plans."


  1. "our secret kitty world domination plans" that is so funny!! Love it.
    another great update.

  2. So! I really like your stories! I went to the last first because I am cool like that but I am still on Generation 5. Out of curiosity, are your Sims still in Sunset Valley are have you moved them? I am always curious where people play their legacy families

  3. "kitty world domination plans" lol!
    loved it, like ... always :)