Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 255

Sawyer only tends to her garden when she's not pregnant, it takes too much energy to garden pregnant.

Novie loves upgrading stuff, she only has a few more things to upgrade in the house.

Omelette is always playing with that ball, she loves it.

Sawyer: "Are you rested up from your nap?"

Sawyer: "I see an adorable little boy ready for his lunch!"

Baby #7 is on the way!

Novie: "Another baby? Not. Again."

Barkley is aging up!

Barkley: "I can't believe so many of you showed up for my birthday!"

Barkley is old and gray! I never wanted him to age up.

I guess they think there will be cake at this party...

Loklyn: "Let's learn these skills so you're ready for your new baby brother or sister!"

Blake: "I'm finally walking, I've waited my whole life for this moment!"

Chase gets a break from helping with Blake while he does his homework.

Pennie: "This toy matches my fur!"

Look at those tiny little feet!

Nolan: "I got the last cheesesteak, nobody will ever know. Hehehehe."

Nolan: "Grandma doesn't see me."

Nolan: "Haha, mom doesn't see me either."

Sawyer: "Does he really think I don't see him?"

Apparently grandma did see him.

Novie: "Why did you eat the last cheesesteak?!"

Pennie hates the dishwasher, she runs into the room barking every time someone uses it.

Pennie: "Nobody needs you, we can wash our own dishes!"

Loklyn: "It's okay, the dishwasher won't hurt you."

Pennie: "Is he telling the truth?"

Blake: "Hmmm... what does this taste like?"

Blake: "I need to dig in a little more and make a bigger mess to see what it tastes like."

Blake: "I made a huge mess for someone to clean up!"

Emilia: "Hi, did you forget about me?"

Emilia baked a few cookies and cupcakes, time to see if they sell!

Stop tasting the food!

Emilia: "Tasting the food... who, me???"

Blake: "Nobody will buy licked cupcakes."

I thought you were house trained, bad little pup!

After peeing on the floor Pennie got the big bed to herself.

Omelette is an outdoors lover, she's always outside.

Omelette: "Where did this pile of vomit come from?!"

Barkley: "That vomit is disgusting!"

Enjoying the last few days of her pregnancy, the baby will be here soon!

She's not very big this time.

Sawyer is getting a girl this time, I never do anything to influence the pregnancies but I want another girl after so many boys.

Joel: "Let's see... I wish for more cake!"

Nolan: "Why does Joel get more cake?!"

Samuel: "Haha, Nolan doesn't get any cake!"

Joel is so cute!

Sawyer: "All of my big babies are growing up, I can't wait to meet my new little one."


  1. Eep such a lovely update. Pennie is so cute.

  2. 7 babies oh I stopped counting xD I have missed them but I'm glad they are coming !

  3. so crazy to think back to jake and emily! they sure have come a long way!!!!