Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 256

Novie: "I'm flying!"

That's going to hurt... bad.

Barkley: "Can I play on the slide? I wanna play too!"

Almost made it, you're so close!

Pennie: "I meant to do that, I swear."

Apparently Barkley doesn't have a good enough relationship to nuzzle Pennie, it's time to work on that.

Sawyer: "I can't believe my garden is dying!"

Pregnant and very emotional.

Sawyer: "Being so upset about my garden made me go into labor!"

Yes! She finally had a girl, I think I could do a happy dance... or not because I can't dance.

Introducing, Sundance Baudelaire!

Sawyer: "Look at that sweet face, now our creator can stop making me have babies."

Maybe, maybe not.

Emilia: "Did you hear? I'm not the only girl now."

Loklyn: "My sweet daughter, you don't smell so sweet though, I should tell mommy to change your diaper."

Nolan: "I'm stealing this, don't tell anyone."

It's already party time! We've lost Sundance in a booby.

Would that be considered a... BOOBY TRAP?!

Loklyn: "Cake! Let's get this show on the road so I can have a slice."

Pennie: "Wait for meeee!"


She's adorable! I love her eye color with her hair color, I have a feeling she might be heiress.

Sorry about the photo quality, Blogspot adjusted the colors.

Sundance: "I might be heiress?!"

I just can't get enough of that derpy face!

Sawyer: "My adorable girl, are you ready for bed?"

Sawyer: "But first... TICKLES!"

Barkley: "Ummm, does anyone else see this?"

Sundance took a quick nap and woke up hungry, it's time for banana milk and some skill time!

Sundance: "Skill time... what's that???"

Sundance: "Is that where I skill people on my adorableness?"

Sawyer: "See this? It's a nursery rhyme, my mommy read it to me when I was a baby."

Sundance: "Does it have puppies, milk, and toys in the story?!"

Sundance: "I'm not seeing any puppies."

Sundance: "There's milk! I can haz?"

Sawyer read to Sundance for hours, I love quality time.

Joel: "Who peed on the floor?! That's disgusting!"

Emilia: "There's pee on the floor in the room I eat in!!!"

Blake: "It was me, I peed on the floor."

Joel had a mini freak out and decided to go blow some bubbles to calm down.

Sawyer: "Night night, don't let the bed bugs bite."

Sundance: "Wait... BED BUGS?!"

After learning that she doesn't have bed bugs she went straight to sleep.

Winslow: "I love this chair, the kids can't reach me."

Winslow can snooze all day.

What?! Another baby is on the way!

Sundance spends most of her day in Emilia's room playing with her dollhouse.

Sundance: "This guy has a weird blocky head."

Sundance: "I have to chew it off!"

Emilia: "Move along, you're no competition for me."