Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 244 (Introducing Generation 26!)

Attempt #3.

We're doing it outside this time, hopefully it doesn't catch on fire!

Sawyer: "I finally get to age up!"

Success! Sawyer aged into a beautiful young adult.

The first thing she did? Look for a place to build a snowman of course!

She needs to start looking for a husband.

Barkley: "Or she can just play with me."

Sawyer: "It reminds me of my dad!"

Sawyer: "Birthdays are going to bring back so many horrible memories."

Cute guy alert! Sawyer, turn around.

Sawyer: "YES, I got a cute one!"

Winslow: "I'm supposed to be the only cute thing around here."

Too bad, Winslow. His eyes!

Sawyer: "Will you marry me? I mean, hi."

Sawyer: "Your eyes are gorgeous."

Sawyer: "Your hugs are pretty awesome too."

Sawyer: "And that kiss! Were you created just for me?!"

Ummm... yeah, he was.

I love seeing her so happy!

They're perfect, let's make those babies now.

Barkley: "Do I get to sniff these babies?"

Loklyn: "She's so beautiful, I could stare at her all day."

Loklyn: "You look stressed, let me give you a nice back rub."


Barkley: "What are you up to?!"

I don't like seeing gray on my kitties!

This cutie makes everything better though.

Sawyer: "Hold on, I have a question to ask you."

Sawyer: "I know this was the first thing I said to you but I'm serious this time... will you marry me?"

Loklyn: "YES!"

Sawyer: "Awesome, now give me a hug and generation 26 babies!"

Mouse: "I told you that you would never escape, mousy!"

Sawyer wants to write novels for a living, time to get started.

That was quick, generation 26 is on the way!

Barkley: "I do not approve of this baby!"

Winslow: "Watch sparkles come out of my butt while I age up!"

Winslow: "Awesome, right?"

Novie: "Sawyer, you didn't finish your painting!"

Sawyer: "I'm not really worried about that right now, mom!"

Sawyer: "I'm having a baby and she's worried about a painting?!"

The first baby of generation 26 is a boy! It looks like he has the same coloring as Jonah.

Introducing, Nolan Baudelaire!

Loklyn" "Wooo! I have a baby!"

I found Winslow cleaning himself one room over, gross kitty!

It's already time for Nolan to age up, I hope this birthday is better than the last!


Wait... are we looking at Nolan or Jonah? They're so similar!

He's such a cute and derpy little thing, I love him!

Loklyn: "Yes, I got a derpy son!"

Don't throw up there!

Nolan: "Stop this madness!"

Nolan: "Is this what the rest of my life will be like?"

Nolan: "I don't wanna grow up in a crazy household!"

Nolan: "I got pink milk, scratch that last thought!"

Loklyn: "Sleep tight, son, I love you."

Everyone is tucked into bed, such a snowy and peaceful night.

Well, everyone but Winslow, he's always up to something.

Winslow: "That's right... always."

Loklyn is our handsome new member of the family! One baby down, how many more to go?! I feel like generation 26 is going to be big!


  1. Oh my goodness what a great update. I love Winslow the cat. He is great. And Nolan....such a cutie.

  2. Oh woah! you play fast! Nolan is sooo adorable ♥ i really like the way you write it ;) it's fun
    can't wait for the next ... ^^