Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 245

A new day and more snow! The Baudelaire's woke up to a lot of snow.

Nolan: "Snow? Do I get to play in it?!"

Sawyer: "My baby can do whatever he wants."

Barkley is happy staying inside and staying warm.

While there's a massive gnome invasion outside.

Novie: "Ther... there's more?!"

Little Nolan decided to stay inside and work on his musical skills! The snow was too cold.

Nolan: "My music is awesome, right?!"

Loklyn: "Who needs a radio when my baby is jammin' with his music?!"

Novie: "That's enough music for one day, time for bed, little one."

Sawyer: "My baby was sleeping but I decided to wake him up and take him outside in the cold with no shoes."


Well, at least he's finally getting outside in the snow like he wanted.

Sawyer: "Isn't that a sweet ride, Nolan???"

Sawyer: "No, no, no... say momma."

Nolan: "Dada?"

Sawyer: "He's never going to say momma."

She worked with him the rest of the day, he never said momma.

Sawyer: "I'm not feeling so great, maybe I should rest for a little while."

....POP! Baby #2 is on the way!

Loklyn: "WHAT?! Isn't one enough?"

Not here, you will have many spawns.

Loklyn: "But... I thought..."

Shhh, my pretty, just go on with life and have a ton of Baudelaire babies.

Barkley: "Those little babies better stay away from me."

Still working with Nolan, I think he's just messing with her now.

Novie: "Sooooo tired, I spent too much time on the couch watching tv today, I need another nap."

Loklyn: "Boop, I got your nose."

I think someone wants your attention, Sawyer.

Novie: "What is this? I was trying to nap!"

Sawyer is an elder! She's adorable and got her fairy wings back, I don't know where they've been.

Barkley: "CHASE ME! Chase me!!!"


No, not the help I wanted you to send!

Shoo, go away!

Barkley: "Maybe if I look tough I will scare the alien away!"

Yeah, that looks real tough.

Novie is a great grandma, she sits in the nursery watching over Nolan all day.

This is taking too long, I'm ready to see the baby!

Loklyn: "Let's make it official before baby #2 gets here."
Sawyer: "Sure, your eyes are gorgeous."

Sawyer, focus!

So excited to see this many more times!

Loklyn: "Walk to dada! We need to teach you all of your life skills before your baby brother or sister gets here."

Dekla is so pretty!

I didn't understand why she woke up even though she was tired, now I know. Goodbye, Dekla.

Dekla Baudelaire
March 6, 2014 - March 30, 2014

Novie: "Why is he still here? He's not here for me too, right?!"

Sawyer: "The baby... I think the baby is coming!"

A death and birth?!

Loklyn: "I guess I should get up for this."

Loklyn: "This is too much! CAN'T. HANDLE."

Loklyn: "What am I supposed to do?!"

Sawyer: "Ummm... I know what you're not supposed to do!"

After Loklyn went back to bed, Sawyer welcomed another baby boy into the Sim world!

Introducing, Chase Baudelaire!

Sawyer: "He's absolutely perfect in every way."

Apparently Novie can't handle the thought of helping with another baby.


  1. Another amazing post. I just can't get enough of the Baudelaire's.

  2. ahah so funny! What with the gnome invasion? is that a bug?
    Always love it :D

  3. No it isn't a bug... When lot of sims practice some skills, gnomes appears ; if the house is pretty odl, that's why there is a lot of gnomes :) I have the same, I'm on generation 12 in the same house but not in the same city :D Love this post, even if we can see the hair of Chase... ;)