Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 242

Ellora: "You're just going to stand there and not look at this beautiful staircase?!"

It's time for Jonah to grow up and get out!

Just as creepy looking as always.

Novie: "Why does my son look so creepy?!"

It's good Jonah is moving out, I don't want this happening every time Novie sees him.

Barkley: "What is wrong with that lady?"

Jonah: "My face... that's what's wrong with her."

Mouse: "Hehehe, his face."

Puppy butts are adorable!

Sawyer woke up feeling awesome today!

Beatrix? Not so much...

Eilee woke up on the wrong side of the bed too, she cried all day.

Get out of the toilet! Not cool, Mouse, not cool.

Sawyer: "It's raining and my wings are getting wet!"

She cheered up when she started flying.

Peyton: "My daughter can fly?! When did this happen?"

Moose: "Hey, down here!"

Mouse got fleas! She wanders around outside all the time.

Little Barkley being adorable like always!

Barkley: "I'm not adorable, I'm vicious!"

I can't tell if awkward staring contest or intimate moment.

I'm ready for all of the girls to age up, they're always so moody.

Sawyer went outside to garden, that always cheers her up a little.

Dekla is never far from Barkley, she's a really protective mom.

Barkley aged up! Isn't he the cutest?!

Barkley: "How cute am I now?"

Barkley: "Being cute makes me tired!"

If being cute makes him tired he's going to have to sleep a lot!

Brooke is inches away from a rare alien sighting and she has no idea, her face is always buried in the computer writing novels.

Novie: "There's an alien here?!"

It's the last day of fall so I decided to send the girls out to swim, take advantage of the warmer weather!


Pink Lady: "The kid took the chair I wanted!"
Kid: "The chair is taken, buzz off, lady."

Beatrix: "That's the chair I wanted too!"

There's an empty chair behind you...

The fall festival is in town!

Sawyer: "Time to bob for some apples!"

I can't remember who won, it was close!

Ummm... I don't think you need an umbrella in this weather.

Sawyer has the right idea!

Sawyer: "Let's party on the last night of fall!"

Should I be worried about this cop? I think I should be worried.

Lady: "Ooooh, rain!"

Sawyer *Sneaky Sneaky*

Sawyer: "The lady is standing right behind me but she will never see me! Mwahahaha!"

Barkley: "Is she serious?"

I don't know who you are but your face scares me and I think you need to leave.

Sawyer: "Who is that touching our stuff?!"

Sawyer is always going somewhere, she's adventurous! 

This park is beautiful, Sawyer loves it here.

Ewww, stop that!

Dekla: "The cat got the food scraps that I wanted."

School starts in two hours so the girls are taking a quick nap before the bus comes, some of the pets joined them.

Brooke: "Can I take a nap on the couch?"


  1. Another fun adventure with the Baudelaire's

  2. i love it! i just found out your blog and i'm reading since the beginning :) so coulourful!