Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 243

Look at this adorable little thing! Moose had a kitten with a random cat in the neighborhood, this is Winslow!

Novie: "We didn't need another animal."

Winslow is going to be an awesome hunter when he grows up!

Winslow: "Watch out, piggy!"

Moose: "Is this... mine???"

Winslow: "Dad, dad... play with me, DAD!"

Winslow: "I will scratch until this thing is in a million tiny pieces!"

Barkley: "Your child is destroying things."

Mouse: "Not mine, talk to Moose."

Peyton: "Go, you can do this, I know you can!"

Novie: "I can't, I'm weak!"

Novie: "I think I can hear my bones breaking!"

Winslow dreams of the day he can finally sleep on the couch.

Eilee: "Do you know what day it is? It's my birthday."

Eilee: "I was excited about this but now I'm not so sure!"

Eilee is beautiful! She has to leave now, hopefully she gets married and has a ton of babies.

Beatrix: "Do I get to grow up and have a ton of babies?"

Beatrix: "Or maybe I'll just stay here and mooch off of mom and dad!"

Sawyer: "Beatrix is out of luck, I'm the chosen one."

Sawyer: "I AM the chosen one... right?!"

Indigo: "What's happening? This can't be normal."

It's not normal! I'm not ready for this!

Peyton: "Nooooo!!! I don't want Grim to come and take uncle Indi!"

Peyton: "Make it stop!"

Indigo Baudelaire
October 23, 2013 - March 25, 2014

Dekla comforted Novie after Indigo's death, she was really upset about his death.

Sawyer: "I was more upset, why didn't the dog comfort me?!"

Sawyer: "I'm not ready for my birthday, I want to be a teen forever!"

Sawyer: "But this means cake."

Sawyer: "Look what happened to my cake, it's ruined!!!"

Sawyer: "Make it stop, someone save my cake!"

Good job, Brooke, use your grandchild as a shield from the fire.

Peyton: "It's so hot but must have cake."

Peyton: "Did I get too close to the fire? I think I feel something hot on my butt."

Peyton: "I'm on fire, help!!!"

Thanks for the help.

Sawyer: "Hello? Fire department? My cake is on fire! Oh, my dad is too."

This is the worst day EVER! Peyton didn't make it to the shower in time.

Seriously... when will the fire department get here?!

Nobody is any help around here!

Barkley: "Mmmm, is someone cooking something?"

Sawyer: "Maybe if I punch the fire it will go out?"

The aftermath.

Burnt counters, chairs, dirty floors, and a stinky cake.

And a horrible loss.

Peyton Baudelaire
November 25, 2013 - March 25, 2014

Attempt #2.


Sawyer: "I give up."

Brooke: "How does this thing work?"

Brooke: "No wonder the fire department never shows up, they can't figure these things out!"

Brooke lost her life battling the fire too, she was so close to putting herself out in the shower.

Grim: "Hey, you could have made it easier and died with Peyton so I wouldn't have to make two trips."

Sawyer: "Not funny."

Brooke: "Please, please, let me stay!"

Brooke Baudelaire
November 20, 2013 - March 25, 2014

Sawyer: "Do I ever get to age up and have cake?"

Novie: "I'm the only one left... does that mean I'm next?!"

Sawyer: "If the fire ruins one more cake I'm gonna beat it up."

Barkley: "Sawyer is talking about beating stuff up, time to get out of here!"

Even though today was horrible at least we have this adorable little kitty to be thankful for.

That's a nice mix of traits, I can't wait to watch Winslow grow!


  1. Oh my goodness so many deaths. Yikes. Still a good post.

  2. hopefully there is that adorable kitty beacause that fire you had in your game is NOT adorable
    can't wait for the next ;)

  3. Barkley: "Mmmm, is someone cooking something?"
    It makes me so laugh !! Sad chapters, so many death and Eilee is beautiful !!! But that mean that there's just Sawyer, Novie,Beatrix, the cats and the dogs ? Love the Baudelaire !