Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 241

Indigo: "Please don't take my kitty."

Where has Indigo been?!

Citrine Baudelaire
January 21, 2014 - March 16, 2014

Peyton: "WHY, why my kitty?! WHY?!"

Peyton: "I can't go on without Citrine."

Neither can Novie and Cheyenne.

Cheyenne: "I... I just can't deal."

Jonah: "Why is everyone fainting?! Better question, why is this bathroom the same color as me???"

Indigo: "Ummm, you have a little something right... well, everywhere."

She doesn't care.

Finishing up breakfast and homework before school.

Dekla: "How dare you call me a bad dog!"


Ooooh, look at this little cutie!

Meet, Barkley! Dekla had him with another dog in town, SuperPup!

I made SuperPup for Pawsitively Adorable Puppies, you can download him here!

Barkley: "Why do I get no lovings?"

Momma is here to save the day, some love for baby Barkley!

And... it's nap time.

All tuckered out and dreaming of milkbones.

While we have a party animal in the next room.

Sawyer: "Someone say party?"

Eilee: "It's been so long, we need more cake!"

Sawyer: "I just... I can't believe how beautiful I am."

Ellora: "She's so vain."

Cheyenne looks disgusted with Sawyer's comment.

Beatrix: "Hey, we both turned out beautiful, we can't hide it."

Ellora: "Another vain one!"

Jonah: "So many vain and moody women around here!"

Who is the moody one?

Sawyer: "Look at the cutest little puppy ever!"

Mouse: "Back off, little pup."

And away he goes!

Good boy!

Momma Dekla rewarding her baby for pottying outside!

Dekla: "Ha, you will never catch me and get my fur wet."

Sawyer: "Why do I have to put my dishes in the sink, I want to go outside!"

After putting her dishes on the floor she went outside.

Sawyer: "Haha, the water was cold on my butt."

Ellora finally has a gardening buddy!

Barkley: "Sawyer is home, now I get snuggles!"

Sawyer: "That's right, Barkley knows who loves him the most."

Dekla: "Excuse me? I think I love Barkley the most."

I'm getting out of here just in time, this place is getting cramped.

Evangeline Baudelaire
November 18, 2013 - March 17, 2014

Cheyenne: "My wife... not my beautiful wife!"

Peyton: "Mom died? Does that mean I'm next?!"

Peyton: "I don't want to be next."

Sawyer: "Don't let dad be next."

Beatrix: "Eureka! I have an awesome idea."

Is it going inside out of the rain? Because that's an awesome idea.

Cheyenne: "My grandchild is an idiot."

Her last words, they're not very nice. I already miss Cheyenne, she couldn't go on without Ellora.

Cheyenne Baudelaire
October 21, 2013 - March 17, 2014

Sawyer: "I lost both of my grandmas in one day??? HOW?! WHY?!"

Peyton: "I just can't handle today!"

He can't handle any day.

Jonah: "Everyone just needs to calm down!!!"

I agree.

Jonah: "Are you picking on me???"

Eugh! Get this hideous thing out of our house!

That thing even scared ghost Ellora into a different room!


  1. this post was so sad! citrine was way to young to die :( and then Ellora and Cheyenne! they were probably my two favorite baudelaire's ever. on a brighter note, Barkley is so cute! (and wow jonah is very... loud)

    happy valentines day amber!

  2. Gosh I just can't gush about the Baudelaire's any more then I do.