Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 240

Mouse: "I can't believe you bought me my own rug, it's awesome to rub my furry face on."

Sawyer: "Aww, I'm glad Mouse is enjoying her rug."

Brooke: "What should I name my Sims family? Hmmm... Lambert? Yeah, I'll go with that."

Hey! That's my last name, I'm thinking Brooke wants to switch things around.

Gnome: "Ooooh, these are some beautiful flowers, nice job on your garden."

Jonah: "Why is the gnome checking out our garden?!"

Better question; why are you toasted?

Jonah: "Stupid gnome checking out our garden."

Dude has some anger issues.

Sawyer: "Wanna dance, plant?"

Sawyer: "This plant has better dance moves than me!"

Peyton: "A plant can outdance my daughter?!"

Ellora: "Well, I'd say the garden is looking good."

So does the gnome, just don't tell Jonah.

So lonely, Cheyenne needs to get out here and spend time with her wife!

Mouse taking after her dad with the hunting skills!

I guess this caveman gnome is fascinated with technology.

Kylianne: "In the sky! Is that a..."

Kylianne: "It's a meteor headed straight for us!"

Yeah, just stand there and stare at it!

Seriously?! Do you see Citrine and Moose standing where the meteor hit?

Everyone just stood there and ducked like that would save them.

It's huge! Time to collect it and make some money.

Apparently looking at a meteor causes your clothes to vanish.

$3,000... that's how much we made!

Citrine guarding the house from any future meteors.

Peyton: "We're depending on a cat to protect us?!"

Peyton: "Haha, it's your birthday!"

Citrine: "I will claw his ankles up tonight."

Sad day! Citrine is old and gray.

And party time for this cutie!

Synchronized happiness.

Of course you can't have a party with an odd dressed, dancing fairy!

Eilee: "Synchronized happiness and dancing fairies?! My party rocked!"

The Baudelaire's moved... AGAIN! The ice cream truck followed.

Quick, send help! I think the ice cream truck got Peyton!

There's less room in this house but I think it will force the Baudelaire's to bond.

And do their homework in random places.

Of course there will be fairy tricks.

Brooke: "You're in big trouble, Sawyer!"

Brooke: "Wait until I tell your mother!"

Brooke: "The first day in this house sucks!"

Citrine watching Dekla's toy... ready to pounce.

Beatrix: "If you shake you get a treat."

Dekla: "I'm shaking, do I get my treat?!"

Sawyer: "Ready to play?!"

Dekla: "Wait a second... she didn't throw the stick!"

Garden attempt number 1,000.

Sawyer: "Buzzzzz, I'm on a bumblebee!"

Tucker is always writing, he has written 8 novels!

Meanwhile Sawyer just knows how to fly.

No room for anyone here, the kitties own this couch!

Dekla: "I own the other couch!"

Dekla: "Jonah took my couch!"

Jonah: "One more round and Dekla can have her couch back."

Tucker: "Aren't you two a little old for games?"
Jonah: "You're just jealous."
Sawyer: "Yeah, shut up!"

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  1. Synchronized happiness.
    That is how I feel when I read about the Baudelaire's