Monday, February 2, 2015

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 239

Dekla: "Pssst... hey, stop looking for a book to read and come pet me."

Dekla: "I don't think she's going to do what I asked."

Novie: "Sure I am! I can't say no to my sweet Dekla."

Eilee: "Rainy weather sucks, I can't believe I have to go to school in the rain."

Yep, still obsessed with the fishies.

Eilee: "Don't let the cats eat our fish!"

Hey! Aren't you supposed to be at school?!

Eilee: "Uh oh... I shouldn't have made any loud noises and you wouldn't have noticed me!"

Peyton: "My daughter skipped school?"

Eilee in the background being moody, as usual.

Look who's a birthday boy! I can't believe the first born is becoming a teen.

A very cute teen! I wasn't a fan of the lighter skin at first but I'm loving it now.

Jonah: "You didn't like the way I looked?!"

Sawyer: "Look, I'm flying!"
Beatrix: "I know you can fly, stop showing off."

Cheyenne: "Sawyer can fly?!"

What?! Birthday time already?


Derpy birthday sparkles.

Isn't she adorable?! And derpy, of course.

Novie: "Why is my child derpy?!"

Cheyenne: "Look at those adorable, chubby cheeks, I could just squeeze them!"

Beatrix: "No, grandma! Please, please don't!"

Sawyer is up next!

CUTE! An exact clone of Novie, I'm loving her.

Eilee: "Oh no, I'm going to be blamed for this... quick, think of a way to cover it up."

Beatrix: "Eilee found the tub I broke?"

Beatrix: "Eilee found the tub... she will be blamed, not me!"

Eilee: "Beatrix set me up!"

Citrine practicing his hunting skills, he's awesome at hunting!

And Moose, well... Moose is just good at being Moose.

Dekla demanding attention in the study, again.

Sawyer got away from Dekla long enough to enjoy some time painting.

Tucker: "Can you guess what time it is? That's right, MY birthday."

Wishing for a way out of this crazy place.

It's Novie! With Ellora's hair.

Sawyer: "It's time to dig into that cake, right?!"

Beatrix: "Someone say cake???"

Eilee is a little chess genius, she's almost maxed out her logic skill!

Beatrix: "Hey, how did we get in a new town?"

Novie: "I was... I was just sitting on the beach and now I'm here, HOW?"

Eilee: "Please don't be cold, please don't be cold."

Sawyer was afraid of the diving board at first...

...but now she loves it!

Sawyer: "Whooooo! Pool partay!"

Creepy Dude: "Why wasn't I invited?!"

Because you're a half naked creepy dude!

Dekla: "How awesome is the new yard?! It's awesome, right!"

Brooke: "Awww, Citrine, you finally want some belly rubs?"

Jonah: "Mom, there's something on the ceiling!"

Novie: "Jonah Baudelaire! What did you do?"

Novie: "You do not play fairy tricks on your mother!"

Jonah: "Ummm... ta da?"

I can't believe how focused Novie is when Dekla is destroying what she's using.

After school snack for the girls before starting their homework.

All of the cats battle over that one spot on the counter, they love to sleep there while Brooke is on the laptop.

Peyton has been busy stocking the fridge with tasty food all day!

Peyton: "I'm so tirrrred, a long day of cooking wore me out."


  1. Another great installment of the Baudelaire's

  2. Beatrix team, YEAH !
    Very funny chapter, again a time. :3