Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 222 (Introducing Generation 24!)

Indigo: "Don't run away, I have a question for you."

Indigo: "I've loved you since the day I saw you, which was like two days ago. I never want to live a day without you, will you marry me?"

Brooke: "Yes! Yes! A million times yes!"

Brooke: "I can't believe how beautiful and shiny the ring is!"

Brooke: "And you, you're looking very hot."

Indigo: "You think I'm hot?!"

Indigo: "You're so sweet and beautiful."
Brooke: "I know."

So much Baudelaire love in the air, I love it!

Emmie: "I don't see any love in the air, where is it?"

Early and Tango are always together, they're so in love too!

Emmie finally reached the top of her career! She worked so hard for so long and all of her hard work finally paid off, now it's time to retire and enjoy the days taking care of her grandkids.

Ellora: "You're a Master Chef, does that mean I get pancakes all day?! Yay!"

Baby #1 for Ellora and Cheyenne will be here soon!

Early: "A baby? I'm not enough?"

Ellora: "One baby is never enough, I might have a dozen after this one!"

Babies and kittens galore! Meet Early and Tango's new baby, Eon!

I just love that adorable face!

Tango: "Come here and let mommy groom you."

Eon: "Now it's time to play and destroy furniture! Right, Mom?!"

Indigo finally graduated! It seems like that should have happened a week ago.

Eon: "She doesn't expect a thing...."

Tango: "I was watching you and you didn't know it, I'll teach you how to stalk and pounce."

Ellora: "I think I changed my mind about having a dozen babies!"

The first baby of generation 24 is a little girl and she's a fairy!

Introducing, Evangeline Baudelaire!

Evangeline was very hungry so Ellora fed her and gave her a ton of snuggles.

Cheyenne: "Seriously? It's raining AGAIN?! Every time I do a show it rains!"

Cheyenne: "Come one, come all... watch my magic tricks because they're the best worst in town!"

Cheyenne: "My hand is on fire... MY HAND IS ON FIRE!"

Good thing it's raining, the rain can help put her hand out.

Eon is constantly working on her pouncing skills that Tango taught her.

She's getting pretty good!

Stalk and pounce! Not stalk and destroy!

Tillie: "That little kitten has some major anger issues."

Indigo: "Do you want to make things official and get married today?"
Brooke: "I guess."

Tillie: "Can I get some treats when you two are done or what?"

Indigo is so happy to start his life with Brooke! 

Eon definitely does not sleep like a lady.

Ean: "I love my sparkly little grandbaby, you're going to grow up and be handsome like grandpa."

She's a girl... she will be beautiful, not handsome.

Cheyenne: "Why is the baby crying?! Someone make it stop!"

Arlo watches over baby Evangeline even though she's not allowed in the nursery.


The perfect mix of mommy and mommy! I just love her!

Yes, scare the poor child, that's exactly what you want to do.

Brooke: "But tickles make everything better, right?!"

Ean tries to teach her how to talk but all she does is eat boogers the whole time.

Evangeline: "I wasn't eating my boogies..."

Evangeline: "BUT if I was eating boogies I would still be adorable, right?"

She finally kept her finger out of her nose long enough to learn a few words!

Evangeline: "Now that I can talk I can go back to eating my boogies!"

Cheyenne: "Yay for Evangeline! I remember my boogie eating days."

She's the perfect fairy baby.

And Eon is the perfect rainbow kitty! I love that striped tail.


  1. OMG the babies of the house are so cute. I love Eon. Tango and Early made a cute baby and that Evangeline she is just too cute for words.

    1. I love when a new generation of pets and babies are born at the same time, double the cuteness. :D

  2. Augustine is the definition of the hashtag cute :o
    Eon will be a rainbow with paws :3