Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 221

Wow, she's really glowing! No, I mean it... she is GLOWING.

Indigo: "Ha, I see what you did there."

His favorite thing, if he disappears I know where to find him.

Stranger: "This woman hasn't even started and I already know she sucks! Get her off the stage."
Cheyenne: "What is your problem, lady?!"

Old Man: "You poked me with one of those swords."
Cheyenne: "Ummm, TA DA?"

Cheyenne: "I hope I did okay!"

Emmie: "I'm not ready to age up, I don't want to be gray and wrinkled!"

Emmie: "Hey, it's not that bad."

Emmie and Ean still look good! I don't know why they were worried about being old.

Indigo: "Is she still glowing?"

Indigo: "I wonder if I'll glow when I get pregnant?"

You are a man... you don't get pregnant unless you're abducted.

Indigo: "I want to get abducted!"

I..I don't even know about him.

Indigo: "Time to grow up and get abducted!"

Indigo: "Do I look good enough for the aliens to take away?"

Graham: "WHY would he want to get abducted?! It doesn't make sense."
Liara: "This is the BEST birthday ever!!!"
Liara: "Until I realized I'm about to be kicked out and not have millions!"

She is so pretty! Now get out.

Ellora: "She's being kicked out? One less Sim to share food with!"

Liara: "Did somebody say food???"

Graham is cute too! He got Emmie's big eyes.

Emmie: "I have big eyes? Let me see!"

I think she finally figured out she couldn't see her own eyes unless she looked in the mirror...

I don't even want to know.

Brooke: "What's going on in that fairy house???"

Who are you?

Brooke: "I'm Indigo's friend, don't you know me?"

Tillie is a little suspicious of the new lady.

Brooke: "I don't think that dog likes me."

Brooke brought a kitty with her! It looks like the kitty might have brought fleas with it.

Tango: "Hello, would you like some fleas?"

Early: "Ewww, I got cat hair in my mouth."

Tillie: "Hahahaha, Early got cat hair in his mouth."

Wrecks: "He's a cat... doesn't he always get cat hair in his mouth?"

Such a cute kitty couple!

Tango is just perfect! I can't wait to see Tango and Early kittens, coming soon to a Baudelaire house near you.

Indigo: "Do you realize how gorgeous you are?"

Indigo: "I mean, just look at you, you're stunning."

Indigo: "I picked these flowers just for you."

You forgot to mention it's Winter and flowers aren't growing right now.

So much love is in the air around the Baudelaire household!

Indigo: "I've only known you for a few hours but I think I want to marry you."
Brooke: "You WHAT???"

Indigo: "Scratch that about the aliens, I found my soulmate."

Cheyenne: "You're growing so much and looking more beautiful everyday, I can't wait to meet out little bundle of joy."

*Kissy Kissy*

Indigo: "A kiss... for ME?!"

Indigo: "Is it getting hot in here or is it just me???"

Indigo, our alien obsessed second heir.

And his gorgeous future wife!

Tango is the newest kitty in the family!


  1. I think I remember tangos parents from a while back, I'm glad u saved them for later use

  2. Brooke is so pretty and I am looking forward to the next wave of Baudelaire babies.