Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 220

Ellora: "Wow, who is that gorgeous fairy in the mirror?"

Ellora: "Oh, wait... that's me."

Tillie: "She's a little too vain, I have to get away from her."

Cheyenne: "Who's a good girl? Tillie is!"

Tillie: "Kisses bore me, I need food."

Tillie: "Some food and maybe a nice nap in the bed."

Cheyenne: "Tillie is going to sleep in my bed?!"

Cheyenne: "I forgot how gorgeous you were!"
Ellora: "I didn't."

I think we might need to leave these two alone for a little while...

Cheyenne: "That was the best kiss I've ever had!"

Cheyenne the Magnificent is ready to perform her first trick in front of a crowd!

Cheyenne: "Ta Da! Flowers for my wonderful crowd."

Emmie is still trying to reach the top of her career so she passes out as soon as she gets home from work.

Cheyenne: "You're looking pretty good in those freezer bunny undies."

They can't keep their hands off of each other.

Ellora needs to put some pants on before taking selfies!

I can't handle how cute they are together!

Wrecks: "What about me, can you handle how cute I am?"

Tillie: "You haven't worn pants in days, is something wrong with you? Let me sniff your leg."

Ellora: "Such a sweet puppy making sure I'm okay."

Indigo: "I wonder if this is how you build a snowman."

Indigo: "Yep, it's starting to look like a snowman."

I love watching how confused he gets with the snowman.

Indigo: "I made you so now I shall destroy you!"

And this is all that's left of the poor snowman.

Cheyenne: "They're taking over!!!"
Quick! Send Indigo to destroy them!

Cheyenne: "Why send Indigo when I can just make them disappear with my magic wand?"

Witch: "Oh, I just love magic shows!"

Of course you do, you're a witch...

Ellora: "With my magic fairy powers I will make everyone in the house feel better!"

Ellora: "You jelly of my blue aura?"

Indigo: "I can't wait until I can dip kiss a pretty lady."

Cheyenne: "What are you doing?!"
Ellora: "Wait just one second..."

Cheyenne: "I'm not sure about this, Ellora!"

Cheyenne: "Wait, I feel better, what just happened?"

Cheyenne: "I love you."

Cheyenne: "Voila! I just pulled this giant coin out of your ear!"

Cheyenne: "Wait! How did that giant coin come out of her ear?!"

Ellora: "Is it about to start snowing again? It better not, I hate snow."

Look at Ellora with her fancy fairy skills always floating around and showing off.

Ellora: "Oooh, what's that up there?"

Random Dude: "What did you just do?! I feel sick!"

Ellora: "I didn't do anything... you must have just looked at yourself in the mirror."

Cheyenne: "Ta da! Uh, wait..."

Weird Lady: "Boo, you suck!"

Ellora: "Cheyenne had a bad day at work so I will bloom some of her plants for her so she will be happy."

Graham: "Ummm... how did she just do that?"

Where have you been?!

Ellora: "My clothes! I think this fairy trick backfired!"

Ellora: "Why would you do this to me?!"

Cheyenne: "Are you ready to see some awesome magic?!"

Cheyenne: "This is not what I wanted but it's working!"

Indigo: "I want to make doves appear out of nowhere! Why does Cheyenne always get to do the cool stuff?!"


  1. Congrats on episode 220

  2. make the boy heir gay u havent yet with men just women

    1. I've already played this generation and the next 4 generations so I can't do that, I've thought about that but I want to keep a little realism in the game. Men can't get pregnant in real life so I wanted it that way in my game even though I have fairies and stuff. :P

    2. yeah it would be strange by the way just a tip can you put in brackets how to pronunciate the names like ( El-our-a ) because some have realy cool names but hard to pronounce the sorry if sound anoying but please reply if you will or not .Before i finish this comment i just have to say congrats to heather ( gen 10 heiresses wife ) for keeping her hair coulour because she had it Chance had it Kaisus had it Collete had it Myloh didnt have it but his child Ayla had it and Brayden had it then it stopped so congrats to Heather Bythe way sorry for spelling errors thx for reading

    3. I'll start doing that, I never realized people might have a hard time with their names, a lot of times in real life I have to pronounce my puppies' names.
      I loved Heather's hair color so I'm really happy it stuck around for so long, I brought back a similar hair color in generation 26 so it will show up again in a few generations.

  3. wow thanks my names oliver so if you could could you point out what i said and say mah name. by theway where do you come up with the names cos jakes and emilys kids names where beautiful. you are my idol i want to be like you sorry for the big comments its just to good to not comment