Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 219

Cheyenne decided to start a little garden, it's only a few plants but it's hard to keep up with.

Arlo: "Seriously, she's having a hard time keeping up with a few plants?"

Early: "Boop, I bumped your little feathers."

Jaxine: "HELP! The air is in my way."

Jaxine: "Make the air move so I can get to the table."

Brock: "Wow, I'm feeling gorgeous today."

Time to see what the oldest triplets look like as young adults and kick Jaxine and Brock out.

Cheyenne: "This is not normal!"

Nothing is normal around here.

My eyes can't handle her beauty!

Jaxine: "If you can't handle her beauty wait until you see me."

Jaxine: "Huh, yeah? I'm hot, right?"

Jaxine: "I'm hot, YES!"

Cheyenne: "Who's going to break the bad news to Jaxine???"

Jaxine: "Wait... what does she mean by that?"

Cheyenne, at least wait until the party is over before you start your craziness.

Brock: "I could make my wish if Cheyenne would stop with that annoying thing."

Chelsie 2.0

Cheyenne: "We have another clone!"

Cheyenne: "Phew, someone clean that nasty vomit up."

Early: "Woah, crying Sim... I better get out of here before she wants to mess with me."

After crying about the vomit for hours she decided to clean it up.

Cheyenne: "Focus... FOCUS."

Cheyenne: "Now I am master of the kicky bag."

Ellora: "Who is this gorgeous lady?"
Cheyenne: "Why is she staring at me?"

Ellora: "When I was stalking... I mean watching you from across the room I noticed how beautiful you are."

Cheyenne: "She has wings???"

Cheyenne: "And she can turn into a tiny fairy?"

Cheyenne: "That is awesome!"

Cheyenne: "I think I like my stalker."

Cheyenne and Ellora went outside to spend time together and get to know each other a little more.

Cheyenne: "Nothing like a nice, cold day."

Cheyenne: "You may have wings but I have an awesome jet pack!"

Ellora: "Forget the jet pack, I'll show you how to fly."

Cheyenne: "Please don't fall, please don't fall!"

Creepy Dude: "What is a nice young lady like yourself doing alone in the cold? Can I warm you up?"
Cheyenne: "I don't think so."

Ellora didn't like the creepy dude hitting on Cheyenne.

Ellora: "Look up there!"

Take that, creepy dude!

Ellora: "My first fairy trick worked!"

Now you're just being mean, Ellora.

Cambrie: "Why am I so warm?!"

Cambrie: "That was the strangest thing EVER!"

Ellora: "Do you see that pretty lady behind me? She's mine."

They are the cutest couple!

They've only known each other for a day and they are so in love.

Cheyenne loves to serenade Ellora.

Everyone loves my skills.

Ellora: "So the peach said to the apple..."

Cheyenne wants to get into shape for the future wedding... yes, a wedding will be here before you know it!

Cheyenne is the first heir of this generation!

And Ellora will be her wife! I think she's excited about that.


  1. Oh my gosh I love this and Ellora is so interesting. I cant' wait to see more of these two.

    1. I love them, they're one of my favorite couples. :D

  2. Second time typing this... Anyway I checked Facebook and saw Ellora and thought Cheyennes son had married her but I like Cheyenne with Ellora better and cant wait to see kids. DO you upload the baudelaires or their spouse anywhere. I would kinda like to play Elora.

    1. I pictured Cheyenne with a guy but when it was time to decide I thought she looked better with a woman, Ellora is perfect for her. I don't upload the Baudelaire's anywhere, they're so important to me because I've put so much time into them.