Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 212

Emmie: "Look at my beautiful invisible wedding ring!"

Emmie: "It's almost as pretty as me."

We have another gnome!

Wrecks: "That gnome better stay away from my bed."

You're too big for that bed.

Wrecks: "Are you trying to say I'm fat?"

Emmie: "This is a story about how to bring out your crazy side, all Baudelaire's have to learn this."

Kahlan: "I can't wait to learn how to be crazy!"

Kahlan: "Mommy taught me how to be really weird."

Valerie: "I'm getting out of here just in time, the new generation is on the way and I don't want to be surrounded by screaming toddlers."

Valerie Baudelaire
July 15, 2013 - October 14, 2013

Valerie was right, she was getting out of here just in time.

Of course Emmie plays chess and leaves it up to the grandparents to take care of Kahlan.

Kahlan: "Everybody ignores me so you're my new best friend."

Emmie: "I can't wait to meet my new little one, Kahlan will be a great big sister."

Bad parenting! Get your kid inside, it's too cold out.

Chelsie: "I'm not ready for Kahlan to grow up, it's all the cakes fault!"


Still a perfect mix of Ean and Emmie, I love that she got Emmie's big eyes.

Kahlan: "You're still my best friend, I can't wait until you're real."

I hope that thing never becomes real.

Emmie: "Why is my daughter talking to a doll?"

Kahlan: "Hello little doggy!"

Hennah: "I'm not here to chit chat, I just want to sniff you and then you can go away."

Ean: "I bet this one looks just like me, it will be one cute kid!"

No, Adam! We need you to stay and invent things and act like you don't exist.

Adam Baudelaire
August 4, 2013 - October 21, 2013

Emmie: "Ean! I think it's time!"

Ean: "What do you want me to do?! I don't know what to do!"

Emmie: "I'm actually having another kid with him?!"

Introducing another baby girl, Cheyenne Baudelaire!

And another! Introducing, Jaxine Baudelaire!

Another baby?! Introducing, Brock Baudelaire!

Emmie: "I didn't want three babies, one is smelly enough."

Ean: "I don't know how your grandparents will be able to take care of all of you."

Ean: "We're about to get CAKE!"


The first to age up is Jaxine, she looks just like Atley!


It's a Kahlan clone! Cheyenne is so derpy and adorable.

Chelsie: "Haha!"

You better be pointing at the cake!


I love him! He looks just like Chelsie.

Cheyenne: "I'm the cutest, right?!"

Cheyenne is Atley's favorite, he's always holding her.

Chelsie: "I didn't mean to pick this one up, I want my clone."

Cheyenne: "Why doesn't this have any flavor???"

Cheyenne: "This milk tastes a lot better than my toys!"

Ean: "Grandma just changed you so now I can snuggle and tickle you!"

Atley: "Let's learn how to use this potty so I have one less diaper to change."

Cheyenne: "He doesn't have to change my diaper but he still has to clean the potty."

Finally! The triplets are clean, fed and ready for bed.

Don't take Hennah! Hennah stays alone most of the time but she was one of the best dogs ever.

Hennah Baudelaire
August 5, 2013 - October 21, 2013

Grim Reaper: "Just searchin' the obituaries and see if I see any of my work..."

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  1. The triplets are so kawaii and crazy *^*
    RIP Hennah.. ><
    I prefer Brock, he's more cute than his sistah :P