Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 210

Ean: "Wrecks gets a treat for fetching me for Emmie!"

Ean: "Sit... good boy!"

Wrecks: "Since I'm a good boy do I get another treat?!"

Wrecks: "I'm still waiting for that treat."

Wrecks: "Stillll waiting for that treat."

Ean: "I forgot to give Wrecks his treat!"

Ean: "Soccer ball to the face, SCORE!"

Emmie: "It's supposed to go in the goal, not hit my face."

Emmie: "I'm right, RIGHT?!"

Emmie: "Even though you hit me with a soccer ball a dozen times I still love you."

Emmie: "I bet you can't balance yourself on here!"

Emmie: "That's right... you can't because you're not as awesome as I am."

Wrecks: "I'm waiting for all of those weird gnomes, they disappear and appear in random places every night, I'll get them tonight!"

Gnome party!

Wrecks: "Am I invited to the gnome party?"

No... you're a dog, not a gnome.

Wrecks: "What do you mean I'm not a gnome???"

Emmie: "I can attend, I'm a gnome."

Wrecks: "You're very pink, do you smell like bubblegum?"

Chelsie: "That's a good question, do I smell like bubblegum?"

Emmie: "Love my sweet Wrecks!"

Emmie: "And I love my sweet Ean."

Ean: "So... since you love me, do you wanna start on the next generation?"

Ean: "I guess that's a yes."

It was a yes! The next generation is on the way!

Adalynn: "I can't believe my little sister is having a baby, I can't wait to be the best aunt ever!"

Since Emmie is pregnant I don't make her do much, she just spends the day cooking and feeding the animals.

Wrecks: "Speaking of food, I think it's time to chow down."

Emmie: "You're so smart, good boy!"

Wrecks: "I get a treat, right?! Don't forget my treat."

Generation 23 is on the way!

Emmie: "Let's take a picture to remember the day we found out we were having our first baby."

Emmie: "I love you!"

Emmie: "I know you have things to do but can you spare two seconds?"

Ean: "Sure!"

Ean: "What are you doing butter fingers?"

Ean: "You... you want me to marry you?!"

Emmie: "You make me the happiest woman in Hidden Springs, will you be my husband?"

Ean: "YES!"

Ean: "I've always dreamed of this day!"

Emmie: "He's all mine now."

Emmie: "Hi, Adalynn? I would like to invite you over for a party."

Emmie: "I'm not really sure when it will be..."

Emmie: "Tonight!"

Ean: "Repairman?! I need you to come fix my broken dishwasher! I'm like freaking out, we have guests arriving for a party in a few minutes and the kitchen is flooded!"

Adalynn: "Hi, I heard you have cake?"

Christopher: "I didn't want to come to this stupid party."

Rio: "Anybody hungry? I brought food."

Wrecks: "Who are all of these people and why are they in my house?!"

Emmie decided to sneak a kiss during the party, Ean was completely shocked.

Ean: "One word: WOW."

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