Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 213

Wrecks: "Hmmm... Who are you?"

Wrecks: "MY NAME IS WRECKS! What is your name?"

Arlo: "Wow, Wrecks is loud... and I love it!"

Sniffing new pets takes a lot out of them, I think it's nap time!

Cheyenne: "Nap time?! Sounds like a good plan to me!"

Cheyenne: "I thought it was nap time, why is this weirdo teaching me some foreign language?"

Cheyenne: "I'm supposed to learn how to speak while I'm half asleep???"

I think Atley is having better luck with Jaxine.

Jaxine: "They will regret teaching me how to talk..."

Cheyenne is doing so much better with walking!

I forgot how hard it was with triplets, it seems like all they do is teach them how to walk, talk or potty.

...or one is screaming for attention all day.

As long as the girls have their milk and creepy dolls they are happy!

Jaxine: "Milk is A.W.E.S.O.M.E!"
Cheyenne: "You gonna share some of that with me?"

Atley: "Time to learn how to walk, Brock."
Cheyenne: "Hey, why is grandpa showing him attention and not me?"

Cheyenne: "I don't like that one bit."

Cheyenne: "I started screaming and got my grandpa back, he's wrapped around my finger."

And they're finally done! All of them can walk, talk and potty now.

Atley: "Who's my adorable little clone? Jaxine is!"

Chelsie: "The dishwasher broke and peed on the floor, someone send help!"

Cheyenne: "How does grandma know it was the dishwasher that peed on the floor..."

Cheyenne: "Where did that puppy come from?"

Cheyenne: "It wasn't here earlier."

Cheyenne: "Hi, little puppy!"

Tillie: "What do you smell like, little human?"

Tillie: "Mwahahaha! It was a trap, I never wanted to sniff you!"

Cheyenne: "Bad little puppy, I'll never trust you again."

Cheyenne would never guess what Tillie does for her when she's older.

Such an adorable little puppy!

Emmie: "That's my adorable little puppy."


Arlo: "I had to go and it's cold outside."


Tillie: "Another baby to pounce on?!"

I can't believe we made it through the toddler days! It's time to see what these adorable kids look like.


I didn't think it was possible for her to get cuter, I love her!

Cheyenne: "You love me?!"

Arlo: "What kind of creepy doll is that kid playing with?"

Arlo: "And what is that freak back there pointing at?"

Arlo: "Why did I have to be placed in such a weird family?"

Arlo: "This has to be a bad nightmare."


It's Atley... as a girl!


And it's a mini Chelsie!

Emmie: "Eugh, my back is killing me, this better be my last kid."

Jaxine: "Everyone bow down to Princess Jaxine, I am going to rule this town one day."

Cheyenne: "Jaxine... a RULER? That doesn't sound good."

Brock loves to fish, he's outside fishing day and night.

Remember Arlo from generation 18? She's back!

Tillie is the crazy and colorful puppy of Wrecks and Arlo!


  1. I am caught what do I do? lol I am looking forward to the next chapter.

  2. Awn they're so cute and craaaaazy :D
    (And I'm a little repetitive... just a little :'3)
    Welcome Tillie :3