Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 211 (Introducing Generation 23!)

Adalynn: "Good job on the hot dude, Sis."

Adalynn: "Everyone gather around, I have an announcement to make..."

Adalynn: "STRIPPERS!"

Wrecks: "Why is there two naked guys in my house?"

Emmie isn't into naked dudes so she went into the living room to dance alone.

Christopher: "Oh, is this a dance off? I'll show you how to dance."

Christopher: "You gotta shake your booty."

Emmie: "Is he trying to get me to twerk?"

Rio: "Someone stop this, he is TWERKING!"

NO! Now Emmie is trying it!

Emmie: "Wow, I feel like Miley Cyrus now."

It looks like the party has moved downstairs!

Emmie: "There's not enough room to twerk down here."

Adalynn: "And that's why we moved the party downstairs."

Emmie: "Look, bubbles!"

Atley isn't impressed with the way Everett decided to drink his expensive wine.

Atley: "Stop, it's cold and sticky!"

Ean: "I'm up next."

Everett: "I'm gonna show off my mixology skills to the ladies."

Everett: "Pay no attention to those broken glasses on the floor, that is completely normal."

Adalynn: "I bet your baby will be cute like me."

Emmie: "This was a great party, thanks for throwing it for me. I even learned how to twerk!"

Adalynn: "I know, just never twerk on me."

Alright, time to get out.

Wrecks: "Why are the naked dudes still here???"

Chelsie: "The naked dudes are still here? Tell them to take the party to my room."

Almost time! I just hope the naked guys are gone and nobody is twerking when he/she gets here.

Emmie: "I think it's time!"

Yep, you know it's time when Baudelaire's crowd around and freak out.

Introducing the first baby of generation 23, Kahlan Baudelaire!

Emmie: "You're my precious baby girl, I'll teach you everything you need to know... that includes twerking."

Emmie: "We never made our marriage official, do you think it's time?"

Ean: "With this ring you will become my wife, my soul mate and my best friend. I'll be there when you need me and when you don't, you'll never want for anything and you will always be reminded how much I love you."

Chelsie: "Wow, you look just like your daddy!"

Chelsie: "I think I'm going to need some help getting this out."

Chelsie: "Eugh, I'm tired of washing nasty laundry."


Daddy's hair and mommy's eyes! She is so cute and derpy!

Chelsie: "Haha, Kahlan is a derpy little baby!"

Kahlan: "But I'm adorable too, right?"

Ean: "Of course you're adorable!"

Kahlan: "I already have him wrapped around my finger."

Who wouldn't be wrapped around her finger?!

Ean: "Tickle, tickle, tickle!"

Valerie: "Can you smell that? It smells so bad."

Ean wasted no time teaching Kahlan to walk, he loves spending time with his little girl.

Kahlan: "Daddy loves spending time with me?!"

She had a busy day, her birthday and she learned how to walk and talk.

Emmie: "Did you have a nice nap? It's time to learn to use the potty now."

Wrecks: "Potty? Do I get to sniff this potty?"

Wrecks: "I don't remember seeing a cat here."

Chelsie: "It's potty time! You're about to learn how to use this thing so I don't have diaper duty anymore."

Kahlan: "Is getting my picture taken part of learning how to potty?"

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  1. I think Kahlan will be very very pretty when she'll a woman *^*