Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 203

Maisy: "What have I created?"

Maisy: "I hope nobody sees this and thinks I'm crazy."

Josie: "Everybody already knows grandma is crazy, the weird statue won't make them think that."

Baby #2 is on the way!

Hennah: "No more kids, one is enough!"

Wyatt: "I created perfect lobster and found out I have another grandbaby on the way today... today is awesome!"

Valerie decided to get a fish to keep her company since she spends a lot of time in her room writing.

Rowan: "I can't believe we finally got a fish... and it's my birthday!"

Adam and Maisy: "Woooo! Let's party all night long!"

Atley was rushing downstairs so he wouldn't miss the party and got stuck in the elevator.

Atley: "I meant to do that."

Rowan is so cute!

Rowan: "Tell me something I don't know."

Isaac: "Get out, I'm trying to create potions and you get on my nerves."
Maisy: "Why is my son so rude?!"

Another new fishy! And who is this fluffy guy watching the fishy?

Caspurr: "I'm your new kitty, Caspurr!"

I think Hennah approves of the new kitty.

Caspurr spends all day practicing hunting with his toys.

And doing kitty gymnastics.

The library is such a relaxing room, Caspurr keeps Valerie company while she works on her novels.

Do you ever shower?!

Adam: "Nope, too busy inventing things."

Josie: "What happened to your hair, daddy?"

Take a shower before you handle your kid!

Josie: "Daddy handled me with his toasted self and crazy, fried hair!"

Adam: "See! I always hurt myself after I shower, inventing is better when I'm dirty."

Adam: "The smoke is choking me, where is the fire?"

Adam: "WHAT?! How did this happen?!"

Valerie: "After catching on fire daddy ran out of the room screaming like a girl... the end!"

Wyatt: "I wish I could have a few more days as an adult."

Wyatt: "Look at all of the wrinkles on my hand."

Wyatt: "Do you still love me even though I have more wrinkles?"

Valerie: "I can't believe I'm going to be old and wrinkly one day!"

Maisy: "I make old age look awesome!"

Yes she does, Maisy is an adorable old lady!

Atley: "I'm a young adult now, that means I get a wife and a job, being an adult is awesome!"

You won't be thinking that for long.

The first thing he wanted to do was go swimming.

Atley: "Woooo!"

Valerie: "Do you like the way my hand smells?"

Valerie: "Hennah likes me, yes!"

I think Hennah might need a bath later.

Adam: "It happened again!"

Adam: "I don't like this inventing thing, can I stop now?"

Maisy: "My hand is trying to attack me again!"

Maisy: "I'm sorry for being so crazy."

Josie: "Why is grandma so crazy?"
Wyatt: "That's a good question! We may never know."

Atley: "Is this going to be my wife? Do you think she likes me?"
Chelsie: "I wanted a rich husband, not a rich and weird husband."

Atley: "And just like that fan, you light up my life."

Don't let her see your weird side yet, you might scare her away!

...Or not, I think she might fit in!

Atley is our second heir for generation 21!

Chelsie is his future wife! They met when they were teens, lost touch for a little while and were finally reunited.

Caspurr is our precious new kitty, I think he is purrfect!


  1. yur family is so funny and colorful and i love all of them ;)