Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 202 (Introducing Generation 22!)

It's Snowflake Day!

Valerie: I'm ready to open presents!"
Adam: "Yeah, where's the presents?!"

Rowan: "Shut up and let me finish this level first!"

Zoey: "That's a lot of presents, who paid for all of those?"

The youngest is up first!

Valerie: "Okay, who's the funny guy that thought dog poop would be a good present?"

Valerie: "I wanted something expensive!"

It's almost baby time!

And sadly it's time to say goodbye to Zoey, I wish she could have met the new baby!

Zoey Baudelaire
May 14, 2013 - August 6, 2013

Maisy: "I'm going to scare the Grim Reaper away with my craziness."

Adam: "This isn't normal, get help!"

Adam: "That hurt so bad!"

Of course.

Adam: "Are you going to put the fire out?!"
Isaac: "Hang on, I need to smell this first."

Firefighter: "Why did you call me if there was no fire?!"

Adam: "We're sorry, there WAS a fire."

All of the chaos put Valerie into labor!

Introducing the first baby of generation 22, Josie Baudelaire!

It's sparkly puppy birthday time!

Hennah is named after her mom and so adorable!

Hennah: "I'm adorable... does that mean I can shred stuff and not get in trouble?"

She's so fluffy and cute.

It's already party time for baby Josie!


Mommy's hair and grandpa's eyes = Cuteness overload!

Hennah: "Well, the kid can walk now... time to move to higher ground so it can't touch me."

Hennah: "Or just spend most of my time outside away from the kid."

Adam: "Who is daddy's favorite little girl?!"

Josie: "I'm doing it, I can't believe I'm actually doing it!"

Adam: "Bed time, daddy will be back in the morning."

Adam: "Isn't my little girl the cutest girl around?"

Adam: "Ewww! She's cute but what comes out of her is disgusting!"

Adam: "How can a kid make that much poop?"

Rowan: "My painting is so ugly, I'll never be a master painter!"

The dogs love chasing each other in the snow.

And making a lot of noise inside.

Aren't you cold?

Adam: "VERY."

Stop freaking the kid out!

Valerie: "What? She loves it."

Adam: "Why can't you say daddy?"

Josie: "Because I don't want to."

Josie: "I can say momma though!"

Adam: "Wait... does she like her mommy more than she likes me?"

Valerie: "That was disgusting! I don't think I'll make it very far in the Mixologist career."

Theo always takes the bed.

Hennah: "But I wanted the bed."

Valerie: "Ahh, that feels good."

Valerie: "Phew, that smells awful."

Valerie: "I'll just blame it on the dog."

Josie: "Remember when mommy said the dog farted? It was actually her."
Adam: "Really?"