Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 195

It's already time for baby Bria's first birthday!

Maisy: "Go away, you can't choke me during my daughter's first birthday!"

Maisy: "Stupid hands always trying to choke me."


She's a perfect mix of Maisy and Wyatt! She got mommy's hair and daddy's eyes.

Theo: "She's happy and doesn't suspect a thing."

Theo: "My plan is ruined!"

...Or not, bad puppy!

Bria: "Never come near me again."

Zoey: "We live in the same house, how will Bria avoid Theo?"

Bria: "Someone needs to feed me!"

Grayson: "Someone feed the screaming child!"

After eating and getting her diaper changed it was time to learn how to walk.

She was rewarded with playtime after she learned how to walk.

Theo pottied outside, good puppy!

Theo: "Human, feed me."

I don't think Odie will be feeding Theo anytime soon, I never wanted Odie to die!

Odie Baudelaire
March 12, 2013 - July 13, 2013

Theo: "I feel like that creepy blue thing is watching me."

Odie: "Please don't take me away from my family, they might be crazy but I love them."

Maisy: "My pumpkin turned out so beautiful."

It's Fall!

Zoey is the designated laundry washer, she has to wash them every day.

Elodie: "That bowl of food is mine, I marked it!"

Poor little Theo sleeping on the hard floor.

Elodie: "My baby is asleep on the floor?!"

Elodie: "Come a little closer and snuggle with mommy."

I love them!

It's a peaceful night and all Baudelaire's are finally asleep.

I guess she was crying about her pumpkin because of pregnancy hormones, baby #2 is on the way!


Theo still looks just like Trippy.

Theo and Elodie decided to spend the day playing and destroying the yard.

Elodie: "I know I buried a bone out here somewhere!"

Theo has the right idea!

After a long day playing outside Theo finally headed inside when it started getting dark.

Emzie: "Move along, nothing to see here."

But there is something to see here... something cute!

The crazy is coming out again!

Maisy: "What do you mean? The crazy never left!"

Maisy: "Ooooh, I bet there's something nice in here."

Maisy: "Trash, trash, more trash."

Maisy: "Oh no, I think someone spotted me!"

Grayson: "Get Maisy out of the disgusting garbage can!"

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