Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 194 (Introducing Generation 21!)

After a busy day exploring Maisy and Wyatt spent a little time relaxing together.

Wyatt: "Wanna snuggle?"

They're so cute together!

Apparently this stranger agrees with me.

Strange Guy: "Ahh, young love."

It's another beautiful day in Shang Simla, time for more exploring!

Maisy: "It's so beautiful it makes me angry!"

Wyatt: "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I can't believe how beautiful this view is."

Wyatt: "Do you know what's more beautiful than this place? You."

Wyatt: "I told you to not call while I'm on vacation, I'm trying to relax with my girlfriend."

Maisy: "I have a surprise for you."

Wyatt: "Are you doing what I think you're doing?"

Wyatt: "YOU ARE!"
Maisy: "Will you be my husband?"

Maisy: "I'm not sure that I'm ready to get married."

Of course a romantic picture makes her realize that she is ready to spend the rest of her life with Wyatt.

Maisy: "I look awful, my hair is messed up."
Wyatt: "I think you look perfect."

Wyatt: "I think you look perfect to smack with a water balloon!"

Maisy: "Are you crazy?!"

Maisy: "I'm on top of the world!!!"

Maisy: "I think I can touch the clouds from here."

Her awesome moment was interrupted by her annoying fiance and phone.

Maisy: "Is this my life from now on? Annoying fiance and non stop phone calls?!"

When they made it back home it was time to make things official, Mr. and Mrs. Baudelaire!

Maisy: "Well hello Mr. Baudelaire, come a little closer."

Maisy: "I love being married!"

Maisy: "You just had to ruin my happiness and make me exercise."

Elodie: "Exercising doesn't ruin happiness."

Zoey: "Thanks for getting me two cakes."

Zoey is still so beautiful!

And Grayson is handsome! He's barely changed.

We get it, you're happy that you got married.

Grayson: "She's going to eat all of my cake."

Maisy: "Shut up, old man, it's MY cake."

Elodie: "Grayson and Maisy better back off, they know it's MY cake!"

Maisy: "Graduation day suuucks."

It might suck but everyone gets to dress up and spend a little time outside of the house.

Everyone pile into the clown car with your broken umbrellas!

Odie: "When do you plan on fixing all of those broken umbrellas?"

Elodie: "Someone ate all of my cake!"

Wyatt went to the library to hack into a computer.

Wyatt: "Awesome, I can hack into computers now!"

Baby #1 is on the way! I can't wait to meet the little one, he or she is going to be so adorable.

Elodie: "Hey! You better not forget about me when that baby gets here."

Elodie: "They're going to forget about me, I know they are."

Elodie: "I don't want them to forget about me, I need daily belly rubs."

Nobody will forget about Elodie... or the new puppies!

We decided to keep this fluffy little guy, Theo! He looks just like Trippy.

Such a happy little pup!

Theo: "I'm off to destroy everything!"

The baby will be here very soon, I can't wait!

Wyatt: "Please not on the carpet, we just got it cleaned!"

I think everyone knows that a woman in labor gets her way so Wyatt had to leave the room.

Introducing the first baby of generation 21, Bria Baudelaire!


  1. great story ^.^ where do you get your couple poses?

    1. I didn't use any poses in this chapter but I usually find them around Tumblr, and just searching "Poses" and looking in the images on Google. ^_^

  2. Awesome chapter as always. I've been stalking since Ch. 193. Its official I'm your blog lurker I just love your story. I do have a question for ya though. As far as the traits for your family what is the one that is consistent through each generation? I'm trying to make my own legacy family but it states in the rules for the Legacy Challenge that we need to have at least one or two traits that are passed down through each successive generation...still unsure on this particular rule. But other than that awesome update and I look forward to more ~^_^~

    1. I'm glad you like the Baudelaire's, I love it when I get new readers. :D

      There's some rules like that one that I don't follow, I just follow the basic rules (no cheats, earning your own money, etc.) but I use the Clumsy and Insane trait a LOT because they are my favorite traits, the Insane trait is probably the most consistent through the generations.