Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 184 (Introducing Generation 20!)

Annalee: "I can't stop, I can feel myself changing!"

This is scary to watch.

Annalee: "Get away before I bite you!"

Apparently werewolves make Zoey vomit.

Or... maybe it's the baby in her belly, I can't believe generation 20 is almost here!

Zoey: "Will you get out of my way so I can eat? You make me get pregnant so the least you can do is stay out of my way when I'm on my way to the kitchen."

Grayson: "Wait a second, are you actually blocking my wife's path to the kitchen?"

Multitasking level: Expert

Grayson: "Yes, I finally did it, I graduated!"
Odie: "Why didn't I graduate, why?!"

Zoey: "What is this? Is this... RAIN? I hate rain."

Of course Annalee had to use an umbrella so she didn't go home smelling like a wet werewolf.

Grayson started his new job!

I don't think he's going to enjoy this job very much, he will probably end up fainting a lot.

Odie: "What is that, why is it always following me?!"

It's almost time for generation 20!!!

Zoey: "Almost? I think you mean it IS time!"

Introducing generation 20, Reese Baudelaire!

I can't believe the Baudelaire's have made it this far, the last 20 generations have been amazing and I can't wait for the next 10, 20, 30 and so on! The Baudelaire's aren't stopping here, now they're on their way to generation 30!

Trippy: "We actually made it to generation 20? I can't believe it."

Zoey: "If I'm the mom of generation 20 does that make me more important than other Baudelaire's?"

Grayson: "You're my precious little pod baby, I wuv you."

It's time for the pod baby to look like a normal Sim!



Reese looks just like his mommy! He is so adorable, I still can't believe he's the first baby of generation 20.

Zoey: "I have a clone?!"

Reese: "I love being mommy's clone!"

Trippy: "What is that kid doing? Wait... is he picking his nose?"

Trippy: "He's going to try to wipe boogers on my clean fur!"

Trippy: "Did you get all of those boogers off of your hands?"

Reese: "Is there anything interesting in here?"

He loves the dinosaur toy!

Zoey: "Look at my handsome husband."
Grayson: "She's thinking about me, I know she is."

Grayson: "She loves me."

Odie: "This is looking good, I have no idea what it is but it's looking good."

Grayson: "I hate you for sending me out in the rain with a broken umbrella to chase ghosts."

You know you don't hate me, chasing ghosts is fun!

Zoey: "Don't even think about saying I told you so."

It's raining, get inside before you get struck by lightning!

Of course he didn't listen.

How many sleeping Baudelaire's can you spot?

Grayson: "I want you to tell me how much you love your daddy, can you tell me?"

Reese: "I love mommy!"

Annalee: "You're looking hot today, you should keep your shirt off more often."

I think things are about to get a little inappropriate in here, maybe we should see what the other Baudelaire's are up to.

Odie in bed and candles are lit... yep, it's time to get out of here.

Zoey: "YES! I finally found a cure for the craziness around here!"

Sorry, you'll never find a cure for that.

Reese: "Enough of the woohoo and potions, someone needs to feed me!"

Reese: "Mommy always saves the day."

Reese loves his grandma.

Zoey: "I'm so sick, I haven't felt like this since I was pregnant with Reese."


  1. Congratulations on generation 20!
    Love your challenge! :) <3

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you love it. :D

      Now I'm looking forward to the next 20 generations. ^_^

    2. Aren't we all?! You are so talented in your writing skill, me and my sister love reading about the Baudelaires. Will you be making any other legacies or stories?

    3. Thank you. :D

      I've had two other stories (The Baudelaire's 2.0 and The Skittle's) but I lose interest in other families, I can't play any other family.

  2. I think it would be cool if every 10 generations, you made a kind of family tree :)

    1. I do. ^_^

      I always post the family trees on my Facebook page, I'm waiting until all of the kids from generation 20 are born to post an updated one.