Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 185

Odie is in love with the trampoline, he spends more time on it than he does with anything or anyone else.

Zoey: "Want some company?"
Grayson: "I guess."

Grayson: "My foot is keeping me pretty occupied so I might not pay much attention to you."

He finally stopped staring at his foot long enough to spend some time with his wife.

Zoey decided to read a few pregnancy books to learn more, she knows a few things from her pregnancy with Reese but she can always know more!

Iso: "What are you looking at?"

Your beautiful face.

I can't believe this is the last time we get to see Iso, I think losing him the second time is harder than the first time!

Iso Baudelaire
April 29, 2013 - June 30, 2013

Iso's death hit everyone pretty hard.

Especially Grayson.

Grayson: "I just... I can't go on without Iso!"

Trippy: "Are you okay."

Grayson: "Leave me alone, I'm trying to act like I passed out."

Grayson: "Someone left a dirty plate on the table, we're going to get flies and roaches now!"

Zoey: "I don't know why I had to marry such a dramatic neat freak."

There's a new family member, meet Emzie the beautiful kitty!

And we have a new birdy too! I don't think getting a bird with a new cat is a good idea.

Emzie: "Hey dinner birdy!"

Trippy: "Okay, the bird is asleep... what's the plan?"

Emzie: "I'll go around behind him and scare him, when he tries to fly away you jump up and grab him."

It's baby time!

Zoey: "Don't worry about me, just make sure Emzie and Trippy don't eat the new bird!"

After a few hours of pushing Zoey had a baby boy! Introducing, James Baudelaire!

And his twin sister, Julissa Baudelaire!

Emzie: "This looks like a good place to hide, maybe the new kids can't find me here."

Trippy: "I wish I could fit under the bed, I need a good hiding place."

Meanwhile outside... I caught Odie doing inappropriate things on the trampoline.

Reese: "Put the pink pod down and feed me."

Reese: "I love this, I demand a bottle and 5 seconds later it's in my hands!"

Such a peaceful night in Hidden Springs!

Time to interrupt the peace with loud birthday Sims!

Trippy: "Why is the kid sparkling?"

Julissa is so cute, I'm so happy she got blue eyes!

Julissa: "I'm cute? What is cute?"


James got Daddy's pink hair and Odie's eyes!

Mommy and Daddy love spending time with their babies, Reese must be somewhere demanding a bottle from his grandparents.

Zoey: "That potty is disgusting, I don't like my baby eating so close to it!"

Julissa: "That's fine with me, I just love my nummy milk!"

James: "When do I get nummy milk?"

You just got milk, it's bed time now.

Grayson: "Julissa, stop staring at the gross cat cleaning itself, it's time to learn how to talk."

Zoey: "Why is everything around here so gross? Dirty potties and gross cats around my babies is so gross!"

Gross things scare our neat freak, you would think he would keep things cleaner.

Odie woke up and felt strange then he started sparkling, I'm not ready for him to be an old man.

Odie: "This old man thing sucks, my back hurts so bad!"

His back hurts but at least he's a cutie!

Now it's Annalee's turn, I don't think she's happy about it.

Annalee: "Odie was right, this old thing does suck."

Odie: "Wooo! My wife is rocking that gray hair!"

Grayson: "I can't wait until I'm old!"

No, just no... not for a long time.

Zoey: "Umm, how long until we're old? I'm ready to be done having kids."

Derpy babies? You know what that means!


Reese: "I hate being a kid, when I demand something nobody gets it for me."

Odie: "Nasty little kids, nasty animals, I didn't work all my life to spend my last days cleaning up after everyone."

Zoey: "I love having someone else clean up after my kids, it makes my life so much easier."

Meet the new kitty! She reminds me so much of Cricket.


  1. beautifully well done

  2. where do you edit your pictures from? like to get the words and their names on their picture?

    1. I use Photoshop, it's pretty expensive so you could download GIMP and probably be able to do the same thing.

  3. i have photoshop, what font/s do you use?

    1. I use a few different fonts, the ones I use for most of my pictures are my favorites, SimLLHP and Aida Scrap Rounded. I always look on Pinterest for links to really cute ones.

  4. Hi!
    I decided to comment your legacy because I really love it!
    I respect you for all this work, all this generation of your sims!
    I hope you will continue for a long time.
    I looks forward to the next episode :)
    (Sorry for my english, I'm french. A french fan!)

    1. Thank you. :D

      I plan on continuing for as long as I can, I'm currently 23 generations in and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon, I love the Baudelaire's, I can't play any other family. I love hearing where everyone is from, it's amazing that people all over the world read my legacy. ^_^