Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 186

Emzie: "Are you ready for this chapter? I don't think you are."

Grayson: "I wanted to be the one to welcome everyone to the new chapter!"

I feel so bad when stray pets sleep by the door, especially when it's snowing.

Trippy: "Where is the kitty?! I want to sniff it and be friends!"

Trippy: "Woof woof woof!"

Odie: "What is it? I don't understand dog."

Trippy: "You do understand me, old man! I said there's a stray cat outside, you have to meet him!"

Both babies are asleep, they're so sweet when they're not up causing trouble.

James: "This is so good!"

Julissa: "Why am I still trapped in here? Where is my milk?"

Julissa: "Nothing like a nice boogie after some milk."

Grayson: "That kid is disgusting!"

I'm thinking this isn't the best thing for Annalee to do.

I guess making out with her husband is a little better.

Grayson: "What is that? You're ready to come out and meet mommy and daddy?!"

Grayson: "I think I heard the baby answer me!"

Odie: "She ruined the carpet!"

Zoey: "Shut up about the carpet, I'm having a baby over here!"

Zoey: "Is he seriously still freaking out about the carpet?"

It's another little girl! Introducing, Rory Baudelaire!

Reese: "I got another sister?!"

I can't believe he's smiling!

Time to finish teaching the twins how to walk, they're a little behind with everything since everyone has been busy with the new baby.

And Grayson has been busy working, he has been making a ton of money.

Reese: "Where are we?! It looks so dry here!"

You're in Lucky Palms!

Reese: "Well, I hate it here, let's go back to Hidden Springs."

Grayson: "Why does Reese hate everything?!"

Grayson: "It's all your fault, you made him that way."

Odie: "Ouch!"

Emzie: "Hahaha! Odie smashed his finger."


Rory is adorable! I don't know where her eye color came from but it looks so good with her pink hair.

Reese: "Of course she gets all of the attention."

Rory: "I get all of the attention because I'm the cutest kid ever!"

Zoey: "Rory, it's time to go inside, it's too cold to stay out here."

Rory: "NO!"

Rory: "I want to go back outside!"

That's not going to end well.

And this might not end well either.

Rory: "I want to play in the potty with the kitty."

Reese spends most of his time playing chess, I think he's going to be a little genius.

It's difficult to teach Rory how to walk inside since the house is pretty small so Annalee decided to take her outside to teach her.

3... 2... 1... FIGHT!

Aliens land in front of the house almost every night!

They like to go to the garden across the street and check out the plants.

Odie: "What is the alien doing to our plants?"

Alien things.

It's party time for James and Julissa, I can't wait to see how cute they are!

Reese: "Where is my cake?!"


James is so cute! He looks a lot like Annalee.


Julissa is just as cute! I guess you can tell she likes purple just like her mom.

Odie: "Why does she like purple? She should like blue!"

Odie: "I love blue, blue is awesome."

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  1. A great chapter, with lots of baby and pregancy : all what I love with the Sims 3 !