Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 183

Grayson: "I love this park, it's so green and beautiful."

I love that he picks the flowers that are the same color as his hair.

Grayson: "Spring flowers smell so good, I could sniff this flower all day."

Grayson: "I don't like this! I want to smell more flowers!"

Grayson: "Please stop making me skate!"

Umm, Grayson? Nobody is going to play with you, the park is empty.

Grayson: "You'll never hit me, haha!"

Of course nobody will hit you, I just said nobody was here!

Grayson: "It's so cold!"

Odie: "Back off, this is my plant."

Aries: "Okay, okay... I wasn't going to mess with it."

Odie: "That dog is trying to get my plants."

Grayson: "YOU. Get out of here, you've been watching me use the bathroom since I was born."

NO! I knew Callum was getting old but I didn't realize how old, I'm going to miss him so much!

Callum Baudelaire
March 11, 2013 - May 14, 2013

Why is there so much death around here?! I hate losing one pet, especially two in one day.

Aries Baudelaire
April 15, 2013 - May 14, 2013

No... just no.

Grayson: "I wanted to go swimming but the Grim Reaper won't get out of the pool!"

Grayson: "I guess I'll take out the garbage instead."

Grayson: "Don't put it on the ground, that's littering!"

Grayson: "Do you see that? That's my cake. Do you know what that means? It's my birthday."

I would have never guessed.

Grayson: "I know, that's why I gave you a hint."

Grayson is finally a young adult and it's time for him to take over as heir!

Zoey: "What are you looking at?"

Grayson: "Hi."

Zoey: "Hi."

Grayson: "You have pretty eyes."

Zoey: "Yeah, this dude is a little odd."

Grayson: "Why did I have to grow up? Why?!"

Zoey: "Seriously?! Why did you stick me with this cry baby?"

Zoey: "I don't want to be with someone that cries all the time."

Grayson: "I might cry a lot but I'm a good kisser."

Let's give these two some space.

Zoey: "Wow, you are a good kisser."

Trippy: "Are you two done making out in my room? I kind of want to go to bed now."

I think I just cried a little, my favorite Baudelaire ever is leaving me!

Avia Baudelaire
January 13, 2013 - May 16, 2013

Grayson: "She was your favorite? I thought I was your favorite."

This broke my heart, she begged to stay. Everyone will miss you, Avia!

See! Even this guy that didn't even know you will miss you.

Grayson: "I can't live without grandma."

Grayson: "What will I do?! I'll just die right here."

Grayson: "Is it working... does everyone think I'm dead?"

Grayson: "Since I didn't die I think I want to ask you something."

Grayson: "Will you marry me?"

Grayson: "So... is that a yes?"

Grayson: "She said yes, I knew she would... the ladies love me."

Zoey: "You're heavy, you can get down now."

Zoey: "Being around all of these crazy people makes me sick!"

Zoey is the newest member of the family! Can you believe that Grayson and Zoey are going to be the parents of generation 20? I can't wait to see them!

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