Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 181

Avia: "Are you ready for breakfast?"

Gabriel: "Gramma makes the best breakfast."

Avia: "Your tummy is full so now it's time to learn how to walk, I think you'll learn quick."

Gabriel: "I'm walking... I can't believe I'm walking!"

It's a snowy day so everyone needs to stay inside today.

Lucas: "It's snowing?!"

Annalee: "His stupidity makes me sick."

Iso gets a little jealous when other dogs get attention.

Trippy does too.

It looks like Odie and Annalee are going to have another baby!

Kooper: "I don't want anymore brothers or a sister."

Natalie: "NO! I will never go back there with you!"

Don't worry, we're just here to see your kid.

Natalie had an adorable little girl, meet Ruby!

Tyler had a little girl too, meet Kendra!

Odie: "I smell fire, is something on fire?"

Odie: "Wait... it's me!"

Annalee: "I still can't believe you stuck me with this family."

Annalee: "There's snow all over the trashcan."

Pregnancy hormones.

Baby time!

And... it's another boy.
Introducing, Grayson Baudelaire!

Gabriel: "I can't believe I'm a big brother now!"

Odie: "So, are you going to look like me or mommy?"

We've got a moody one.

Trippy: "I don't know why you couldn't just be happy with dogs and not screaming kids."

Annalee: "You have one more candle."

Iso: "Too close... TOO CLOSE!"

Avia: "I'll blow it out with my party thingy."

Kooper: "I don't think that will work!"

Odie: "Somebody do something!"

Avia: "With this spell I will freeze this fire!"

Lucas and Avia: "You're a little late, we already took care of the fire."


He's a cutie! He reminds me so much of Odie.

Odie: "I love having a clone!"


Cuteness overload! I can't handle his adorable face!

Odie: "So, I was thinking and I think 3 kids are enough for me... what about you?"

Annalee: "Fine with me! I don't want to add even more crazies to this town."

Annalee: "The claw is coming for an adorable little boy!"

Grayson: "Wait... does she mean me?"

Grayson: "Oh no, I think she does!"

Grayson is a pro! He learned how to walk in no time.

Odie: "I want you to remember that daddy loves you more and you love daddy the most, okay?"

Grayson: "This is the strangest conversation ever."

Grayson: "I'll just dance and pretend like I care about what he's saying."

Avia: "Ooh, dancing babies."

Kooper: "Just. Don't. Ask."

Everyone run, we have a derpy werewolf baby on the loose!

Iso: "He's coming for me, I know he is!"

Odie and Annalee's indoor garden is looking good, both of them are so close to accomplishing their lifetime wish.

Aries: "Did you say something about treats or are you wasting my time?"

Gabriel: "We ride at dawn!"

Grayson: "I want to ride at dawn too!"

Grayson: "But I'm stuck here playing with these stupid blocks instead!"


  1. How do you find a husband\wife 4 your sims are they premade by you and put in or are they computer generated

    1. I always make their husband/wife and place them in the family except for Star and Carlee from previous generations, they were townies in Hidden Springs.

  2. Thanks a lot I'm making a legacy and I'm will put it on the Internet when I can.

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