Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 178

Aries had 3 puppies but we decided to keep these two! Well, we're keeping one.

Trippy gets to stay! I had to keep him because he got his dad's green ear.

We're keeping Arlo for a little while and then getting rid of her, I plan on bringing her back in a few generations when there's not as many pets.

Trippy: "I get to stay???"

Arlo: "What about me... do I get to stay?"

Avia heard that Tyler had a little boy so she hopped on her broom and went to visit him.

Avia: "I'm going to upgrade your tv while I'm here."

This is Tyler's little boy, Nikolas. He looks just like him minus the purple skin!

Aries loves being a mom.

And Iso loves being a daddy!

It looks like Loie likes being toasty.

Loie: "Just go away."

Who is this cute little guy in the toy box?

Do you remember Delia from Avia's wedding? This is her little boy, Devin!

Avia: "Yay for babies of my wedding guests!"

Trippy: "I'm tired of chewing on this fake hotdog, you get me a real one now."

He's just too adorable!

Birthday time for the pups!


Avia and Lucas are the only people to attend the sparkle party.

Trippy: "Those two are so strange."

Arlo is so cute! It's going to be hard to give her up.

Trippy: "I can't use this cat condo but it's mine anyways."

Odie is still gardening, all day every day.

The dogs joined him in the garden to play with the sprinklers.

Arlo: "I love sprinklers!"

Of course they were dripping wet and getting puddles of water everywhere when they went inside but at least they had fun.

Time for Avia and Lucas to become elders, I'm not ready for this!

Lucas: "I wish I was a young teenager in Sunlit Tides with my beautiful wife again."

Me too.  :'(

Lucas: "But I guess this isn't so bad, I still look good!"

Lucas: "Blow out those candles so we can tear into these cakes!"

Avia: "How do I look?"

As beautiful as you have always been!

Odie: "Aww man, why did you do that?!"

Odie: "It's okay, you still get belly rubs."

Loie: "Go find some gems!"

Trippy: "Watch out gems, I'm coming to find you!"

Odie: "Can you sit?"

Arlo: "Sit... what is that?"

Time for Loie and Odie's birthday! I have to admit that I'm a little sad to see them grow up.

So beautiful! It's going to be hard to let her go.

I can't wait to see what Odie looks like.

Loie: "He's going to be cuter than me!"

Odie is our heir, Avia and Lucas were only supposed to have 5 kids but Odie was their surprise 6th baby and I'm glad he was born!


  1. I love your legacy ;)
    And Odie is very beautiful ;)

    1. Thank you. :D

      I love Odie, I was a little annoyed when he was born because I wanted Avia and Lucas to have 5 kids and he was a surprise but I'm really happy he was born now, he's so cute. ^_^