Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 176

Aries: "Do you see any horses? I know I smell some horses around here!"

Kota: "Are you picking out a few of those chickens for me?"

Kota: "Are you?"
Avia: "Why are the dogs so obsessed with the chickens?"

Kota: "Back off, this is MY chicken!"

Aries: "I don't want his chicken, I'm a little busy having some puppies."

They are so adorable! Both of them are boys.

This is Kodiak!

Avia: "Awww, you're so precious."

They went straight inside to eat and then straight to sleep.

Aries: "The puppies are eating all of the food, I don't like this."

Aries: "This is my kibble, nobody gets any."

Odie: "Why does Aries get all of the kibble? I wanted some!"

Their coats are a perfect mixture of Kota and Aries.

Lucas: "Why can't I be blue, pink and purple?"

Avia: "I can't believe I married this hot guy!"

Lucas: "That's right, you married this good looking guy right here."

His ears look like he's picking up a signal on something.

Aries: "His ears are just like mine!"

Odie decided to wake up and check on his new baby chicks around 5 am, I think I would sleep a little longer and wait until daylight.

They're so fluffy and adorable!

Odie: "It's so cute, I just want to kiss its fuzzy little face."

Where have you been? I haven't seen you in a while.
Brynlie: "I wasn't plotting against you... I mean, I was upstairs painting."

Puppy fail.

Kodiak: "I didn't trip, the floor just looked like it needed a hug."

Avia: "Why would the floor need a hug? Doesn't make any sense."


Kai turned out pretty cute, now lets see what Kodiak looks like!


Such a pretty and proud doggy!

Kodiak: "Why is the cat licking itself in the kitchen?!"

Kodiak: "That's digusting!"

That dog is really starting to creep me out.

Kota: "Get the creeper dog out of here!"

Odie: "If you watch over my chickens I will bring you a nice tasty neighbor to eat."

Avia: "Why are you making me go out to mine in the rain?"

Hopefully Avia finds something while mining.

She mined for hours and didn't find a thing.

Kodiak: "Get this noisy thing out of here, I was trying to take a nap!"

Aries: "Why does Avia have to run loud machinery so close to the house?"

Aries and Odie are best friends!
Aries: "Your face tastes like chicken."

Odie: "I think all of the doggies like me."
Everyone likes you because your face is adorable and tastes like chicken.

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