Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 177

Aries likes to watch t.v even if there is nothing on.

Aries: "Maybe I can see things that you can't see on t.v..."

Lucas: "That's it, time to call ghost busters."

If I can't find Aries anywhere else I know where to look, she loves sleeping in the boys' room.

Brynlie: "But that's where I sleep!"

No, no it's not.

Brynlie: "I'm not ready to grow up, I want to stay here longer!"

The llama mascot may be creepy but he makes some beautiful kids!

Loie: "She's not as beautiful as me."

Aries: "You wanna share some of that toast?"

Odie: "Aries better not ask for any of my food, I ate all of it."

Look who's back!!!

Aries: "I said it's nice to meet you and what is your name?!"

Aries: "You're Iso?! I've heard so much about you!"

Aries: "Iso is cute but that doesn't mean he's getting any of my food."

Seriously?! You have a nice bed upstairs!

Odie: "Come on, give me a blue gumball!"

Odie: "I didn't get a blue gumball like I wanted so I'll just make one."

Odie loves to plant stuff, he spends almost all of his free time gardening.

Iso: "Hello, I was in this family long before you but it's nice to finally meet you."

Avia: "Hmmm, this looks good, I guess."

Iso: "I can haz pancakes?"

Iso: "I'm getting worried here, do I get pancakes or not?"

Odie: "Oh lamp, you're so beautiful, you light up my life."

Iso: "Wake up, I need a bath and belly rub."

Iso has been creeping on everyone lately.

Aries: "I think it's time for me to get out of here before Iso stalks me."

Aries: "Haha, the tables are turned... now I'm stalking Iso!"

Iso: "I never realized how creepy stalking is, I won't do it anymore!"

Nothing like a nice ride around town on your broom!

Wait... what are you doing?!

Odie: "Oh this is going to be awesome."

Alesana: "Stupid kids putting flaming bags of poo on my porch!"

Odie: "Take that! You'll never get this egg off of your house!"

Loie: "Stupid Odie going around the neighborhood causing all kinds of trouble."

Odie: "I've pranked the whole neighborhood, now it's time for everyone in the house."

Loie: "ODIE!!!"

Loie: "Odie. Will. Pay."

This is much better, keep gardening and stop being bad.

Look who we found at the park!

Brynlie: "You're not here to take me back are you?! I don't want to go back, it's normal away from that house!"

Odie: "This is the best snowcone ever."

Loie: "Ahhh, I love the fresh smell of Spring flowers."

Loie and Odie decided to play a little soccer before they had to go home, Loie was a lot better.

Odie: "Haha, you'll never beat me!"

She did.

Loie: "Stupid Odie thinking he's better than me."

I think you have your holidays mixed up.

Lucas: "No I don't, shut up."

Lucas: "Look at this awesome pumpkin that I carved!"

Lucas: "Die you ugly pumpkin, DIE!"

Loie: "Dad... are you okay?"

It looks like Aries and Iso had puppies together!

Aries: "I don't like the puppies, they're too loud."

Aries: "But they are adorable."

Loie: "PUPPIES?! We have new puppies!"

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