Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 175

Aries: "What are you looking at? You look funny."

Kota: "Back off, I want to explore this new place."

Aries: "I'm exploring first!"

It looks like Aries has found Callum, I think they will get along well.

Odie: "Oh goodness, where did these doggies come from?"

They didn't waste any time!

Kota loves going for an evening swim.

While Aries fails at being a dog.

What is this?! Some kind of breeding place for horses?

Lucas decided to hide from the horses while he looked for scrap.

Avia: "Get the piggy toy, I know you can get it!"

Kota: "Nobody wants you around here you strange looking gnome!"

Avia: "Kota is destroying the gnome? Yay, that thing always creeped me out."

I wasn't expecting this so soon, he just became an elder!

Stache Baudelaire
March 8, 2013 - April 20, 2013

Party time! I can't wait to see what Odie looks like as a teen.

I'm in love! I'm thinking he will be heir, I still haven't decided though.

Odie: "Yawn, I think it's time for bed."

Odie: "Of course we always have more time for cake before bed!"

Loie looks just as good, this heir decision is so hard this generation!


Kota: "Why was I sent here with crazy Sims and stalker llamas?"

Aries: "I'll get rid of it, just wait."

Odie wants to be a gardener so he set up a garden and got a chicken coop.

Callum: "The chickens are for me to eat, right?"

Odie: "Callum isn't eating my chickens!"

Odie: "Right?!"

Aries: "He better not turn his back on those chickens, they look pretty tasty."

Kota: "That's for me."

I hate when strangers decide to come swim in our pool.

Aries: "I'm on the hunt for ugly Sims, have you seen any?"
Yes, in the pool!

Odie: "Go find me some ugly townies, I know this has to be an easy task."

Aries: "Are you an ugly townie? Nope, just checking."

Odie: "Ahhh, it's nice to stop and smell the flowers sometimes."

Odie: "What? Guys can pick and sniff flowers too."

Odie spends all afternoon after school in his garden.

Odie: "This seed here, that seed there... yep, it's looking good."

Get away from those chickens.

What are you doing?!

I think Odie is going to be a big trouble maker.

Odie: "I can't believe that worked, I made it rain!"

It's always nice to sit inside on a rainy night and play video games.

Loie: "It's raining?! What day is it?"

Lucas decided to upgrade Odie's sprinklers since he's good at inventing and tinkering.

It's nice having automatic sprinklers.

Odie: "It is."

Odie: "Wait... when did I get automatic sprinklers?!"

Such a beautiful day for a nice run around the yard.

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