Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 173

I can't believe Andrew is dying, he has lived for so long!

Andrew Baudelaire
November 19, 2012 - March 14, 2013

Lucas: "Is he a ghost now?! I don't like ghosts!"

Great, just great.

Lucas: "Look away, you didn't see that."
Cambrie: "I think I did, Dad."

Cambrie: "Dad is on fire, someone help!"

Natalie: "Not gonna be me, I'm going to take a nap."

Why is there trash on the floor?!

Natalie: "Oops, sorry... there wasn't anywhere else to put it."

Avia: "Why are you leaving trash on the floor for Loie and Odie to get in?!"

Cambrie: "Whoa, calm down, it was Natalie."

Avia: "I told you that you're on trash duty, Natalie is on laundry duty."
Loie: "Haha, you're in trouble."

Callum: "I'm on cleaning duty."

I can't believe how beautiful Dream is.

Callum: "What about me, I'm beautiful too?"
Of course!

I hate watching the pets grow old.

Zacharie: "You hate that but do you hate parties? I don't think you do."

Odie: "What are you lookin' at?"

Natalie: "Yay for parties and moody toddlers!"

Zacharie is so handsome!

Next up is Odie!


Such a cutie! He wasn't planned but I'm considering him for heir now.

Avia: "YES! Odie should be heir!!!"

I don't want to alarm you but don't turn around.

Zacharie: "Why is it always watching us? What does it want?"

Loie: "Put that thing away or I will make the llama kid watch you while you sleep."
I think she already does that.


She is so cute, it's crazy how she looks nothing like Odie.

Zacharie: "Watch out, I'm trying to figure out how to get rid of the llama."

Natalie: "Me too, I'm glad Zach is helping now, I don't think I was powerful enough alone."

Loie: "Wait just a minute... you're trying to tell me that they have magical powers and I don't?!"

Natalie: "That's right!"

Loie: "Oh well, I'll just spend time with Stache since I don't have any magical powers."

Loie: "You're such a pretty kitty, yes you are."

Zacharie: "What's wrong, Mom?"

Zacharie: "Do you miss Grandpa? Things will be okay, I promise."

Zacharie: "I'm going to stand guard over my momma, nobody will hurt her."

6 kids means a lot of laundry.

Avia: "Hi, I'm just doing laundry."
I noticed.

Natalie: "Seriously? Aren't you way too old for toys?"

Aubrey: "You're never too old to play with toys."

Cambrie is going to be a painter just like her Grandma.

Cambrie: "I'm not going to be a painter, stop shoving painting in my face."

Cambrie: "And lets start shoving cake in my face!"

Avia: "CAKE!"
Natalie: "I'm surrounded by cake loving idiots."

She's still a clone of Avia, she's beautiful!

Avia: "Yes, I got a clone!"

Cambrie: "Stop calling me a clone, I'm not a clone!"

Cambrie: "Now somebody cut me a slice of this cake."

Brynlie had a birthday too! The older she gets the more she looks like the llama mascot.

Aubrey: "She's copying me again, make her stop."
Loie: "She's copying me again, make her stop."

It's such a beautiful day in Aurora Skies!

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