Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 172

I can't wait to meet the new baby!

Natalie: "Hello little brother or sister."

Stache: "Ahhh, your foot feels so good on my back."
Callum: "I'm next."

Zacharie: "Grandma is stalking me again, isn't she?"

Callum sleeps everywhere just like his mom, the boys' beds is his favorite spot.

Inventing just like her dad!
Cambrie: "Be quiet and go away, I need to focus."

It looks like it's party time!


Our stalker llama mascot baby is turning out cute, I'm guessing she got all of her genes from her dad, I mean llama or whatever it is.

The new baby babies are here! BABIES?!

Introducing the first twin, Loie Baudelaire!

And introducing her twin brother, Odie Baudelaire!

Cambrie: "Hello new babies."
Everyone is so friendly.

Avia: "I just had two babies, why am I the one taking out the trash?"

Natalie: "I know where you came from and I've got my eyes on you."

Cambrie: "Grandma, Grandpa... can you at least wait until I leave the room to make out?"

Natalie: "If nobody else will do anything about the llama kid, I will... I just need to perfect this potion."

No, no. Why are you here?!

Not Isis!

Isis Baudelaire
November 20, 2012 - March 13, 2013

Isis' death hit Natalie the hardest, she was Natalie's best kitty friend.

Breyden: "Will you get out of my way so I can go comfort my grand daughter?"

Right after Isis died it was time for Loie and Odie's birthday, it was nice to have something fun happen to cheer everyone up.

She is SO cute! I'm not sure where her hair color came from but I see she has the Baudelaire blue eyes.

Loie: "You think I'm cute? Well then, where's my bottle?"

Loie: "I think I like being cute, I get everything that I want!"


Odie: "I've been a toddler for two seconds and you're already watching me potty?"
Yep, that's what happens around here.

Grandpa tickles are the best!

Andrew and Avia got to work teaching the twins how to talk, neither one of them wanted to learn.

Odie: "I'm cute, why can't I make it through life just being cute and not learning to talk?"

And the learning continues in the foyer... while Dream cleans herself.

Odie: "I'm trying to learn how to talk, why does the cat have to do nasty things in the same room?!"

Odie: "Boogies make everything better."

Kitties make everything better too!

Natalie: "Hmmm... I wish I could become a real kitty with these ears!"

Odie: "My sister is going to be a kitty?!"

Natalie: "I asked to be a cat, not a bee."

Natalie: "I'll just read since my wishes never come true."

Dream loves to creep on the toddlers.

Lucas: "Why is the cat stalking my kids?"
Where have you been?!

Breyden: "I'm leaving this place just in time, things are getting crazier around here."

Breyden Baudelaire
December 4, 2012 - March 14, 2013

Avia: "DAD! Don't leave, we need your purpleness here!"

Odie: "Gwandpa!!!"

Callum hates the Grim Reaper and Dream has become a major creeper.

Dream: "I'm not a creeper, I'm a stalker."
Not much better.

All of the kids had a snow day because of all of the snow so Andrew and Natalie decided to go out and play in the snow.

Natalie had her eyes on Andrew's snowman all day.

Natalie: "Guess what? Your carrot nose is ugly!"

It did not end well.


  1. I was just wondering, where do you get the names for your sims? I really like them all.

    1. I've always loved names so I come up with some of them and I have about a dozen name books that I'm constantly looking through for names, some of them are my dogs' names. ^_^

  2. Natalie looks like Heartleigh from gen. 10!!! Right...?

    1. I think she does too, I think it's the hairstyle and color of her hair. :D

  3. I've gotta say, Heartleigh was my favorite from her generation so it's no surprise that Natalie's been my favorite since she was born! >.< She's just the absolute cutest Baudelaire I've seen!!! Also, for some reason I just don't like Brynlie ;~; Or the twins all the much >~> I like Zacharie and Natalie from this generation, that's it. Makes me feel bad >.> But hey! All the babies (but Brynlie) are super cute!!!