Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 164

Avia's singing career didn't take off like she thought it would so most days she was at home practicing magic and just lounging around the house, every day she thought breaking up with Lucas and moving to Bridgeport was a huge mistake.

One evening she finally got a gig, she has been waiting for this moment since she moved to Bridgeport, she finally had a little inspiration to keep her going.

The days went by and she got more gigs, she was getting more popular but she couldn't wait to make it to the big stage.

Avia: "Is there a vampire copying my every move?!"

Avia: "I don't like vampires! I'm starting to think I'm not cut out for the city life!"

She would do about a dozen gigs a day, they were tiring but they weren't getting her anywhere so she would go home every evening and go to sleep, alone.

She became a regular at the bar across the street from her apartment.
Bartender: "You want the usual?"

Avia: "I think I want to try something different tonight, I'm feeling a little better than usual."

Oliver: "Drinks are on me, a pretty lady like this shouldn't have to pay for her own drinks."

After drinking a little more than they should have, Avia and Oliver went over to the dance floor.

Oliver: "So, you're into me and I'm into you, what do you think about going back to my place?"

Avia: "Excuse me? What kind of girl do you think I am?"

Oliver: "Well, I bought you drinks and by the way you were dancing I thought you were interested in me."
Avia: "No, no thank you."

After leaving the creep back at the bar Avia decided to go straight home, she didn't want any other guys getting the wrong impression.

The next morning there was an adorable cat walking around her front door.

Avia still doesn't know how she got in her apartment but she never really questioned that.

Avia: "Oh my gosh, where did the kitty come from?!"

Avia: "You got me a cat?! Yes, I finally have a cat!"

Dream: "Just move your hand a little closer, don't touch me though."

Dream: "I guess you're okay, I'll let you stay."

Avia was so happy to finally have someone to keep her company, she thought about adopting a dozen more!

Avia: "You love that birdy, don't you?"

Dream was perfect for Avia, she helped her out of her depression and gave her more hope for her career.

Things got so much better, Avia was moving up the ladder and doing better gigs!

Avia: "Oh, food delivery truck... why must you follow me. Oh, food delivery truck... you really creep me out."
That song ended up being a number one hit.

Everyone around town knew to call Avia if they needed a gig, she was finally making a name for herself.

Homeless Guy: "Oh goodness, you are so adorable!"

Things started to slow down after a few months, Avia wasn't sure why but she knew she needed more gigs to pay her bills, they weren't going to pay themself.

Some days everything that could go wrong, would go wrong.

Avia: "I always knew that elevator hated me."

Avia started questioning her career again, she wasn't sure things would work out and get better this time. The economy was bad and less people were asking for gigs, maybe it was time to give up this crazy dream and move back home?

Dream always made things better, even on the worst days.

Dream: "That's right, I'm a magic kitty."

Dream: "Is this thing dead or alive?"

It was rare to get a gig now, Avia was so excited when she would finally get a call.

Avia: "You like my crazy singing and dancing, you love it, you love it so now you pay me, right?"

Meanwhile back at home...

Avia: "Testing, testing... is this thing even on?"

Avia: "I don't think this thing is working."

Avia: "Wait... this is my first time on stage."

Avia: "This was my first big gig?! Maybe I will make it."

Dream: "Maybe she would make it, who knows, sometimes dreams do come true."
Wait... has a cat been narrating this whole story?!


  1. Dream!!!!! :D I'm so happy! This means Stache is coming soon! :D

  2. J'adore trop <3

  3. Awe Dream is so cute. Gosh I hope Avia makes it.