Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 162

Ayla: "Dude, you stink."


Melvin: "Where is he taking Toby? I don't want Toby to leave."

Grim Reaper: "Haha, I'm coming back to take everyone else too."
Noelle: "Why are you so mean, why?"

Andrew: "What are we going to do without Toby?!"
Rylan: "Yes, Grandpa is upset, this is the perfect time to ask for some money."
I don't think so.

Rylan: "B-but... I need money!"

Grim Reaper: "Your house is filthy, someone needs to do some serious cleaning around here."

Noelle: "He's actually good for something, he's doing the chores I forgot to do!"

Avia: "Maybe he will do my chores too!"

Searching the galaxy in the daytime, because we all know you can see stars during the day.

Avia: "I need to practice more magic, maybe I can learn a spell to get rid of all of the stupidity around here."

Breyden: "You're looking good today, give me a kiss."

While Breyden and Aubrey make out upstairs Rylan is having a party downstairs!

Jasper: "I'm not ready for my big bro to move out, I'm going to miss him."

Noelle: "I'm not going to miss him, let's get this party started so we can move him out!"

You turned out better than I thought you would!
Rylan: "Wait, you thought I was going to turn out ugly?"

Andrew spends all day outside.

Avia: "There's nothing like a nice ride around town on my broom!"

Lucas: "Wait... where am I? How did I get here?"
Funny story...

Lucas: "The voices are talking to me again!"
Whoa, he fits in perfect.

Avia: "Who's that cute boy over there freaking out? I like him."

Lucas: "Hi, I'm Lucas Joly, what's your name."
Avia: "My name's Avia, Avia Baudelaire."

Avia: "I haven't seen you at school before, are you new in town or something?"
Lucas: "I am! My family just moved here from Sunset Valley last week, your last name sounds familiar... I think my family used to know a Baudelaire family in Sunset Valley years and years ago."

Lucas: "That's crazy, I would have never guessed that was your family in Sunset Valley, your family has come a long way!"
Avia: "We have, every generation in my family has worked hard so their kids could have more, I'm proud to be a Baudelaire. So, you know everything about my family, tell me about your family."

Lucas and Avia spent every evening together for the next few months, they fell in love and nobody could separate them.

Lucas: "Have you ever slow danced before?"

Avia: "I've never slow danced before but I'm sure you can teach me, right?"

Lucas: "Sure I can, it's never too hard to teach someone you love how to slow dance!"

Avia: "Did you just say you loved me?!"
Lucas: "I did. I love you, Avia."
Avia: "I love you too, Lucas."

Avia: "My foot!"
Lucas: "I'm sorry! Aww man, I ruined the moment!"

Lucas: "Don't be mad, I got you something..."

Lucas: "Do you like them?"
Avia: "I love them, just like I love you."
A Few Months Later
A few more months went by and Lucas and Avia got closer, one day Avia asked Lucas to meet her at the park so they could have a serious talk.
Avia: "I changed my mind, I can't talk here, can you meet me at my house tomorrow?"

Who are you?

Jasper: "Get that ugly girl out of our house!"

Noelle: "I agree, what is she doing here?"

Didn't you have a birthday a long time ago... what are you still doing here?

Rylan: "Oh, uh... I don't live here anymore, I just came over to get something to eat and borrow a tablet."

Rylan: "I need a cab, they found out that I'm eating all of their food again."

After having 5 kids Aubrey decided to start exercising to stay fit.

Noelle: "Melvin is being mean again!"

Loki: "Something feels strange..."

I wasn't ready for this!

Loki Baudelaire
November 20, 2012 - February 7, 2013

Avia: "I guess I should call Lucas and tell him to come over now, I hope he doesn't hate me for what I'm about to tell him."

Avia sat outside in the rain waiting for Lucas, she started to second guess her decision and was wondering if she was doing the right thing.

Lucas: "What did you want to talk about?"
Avia: "It's about us... kind of, it's hard to explain."

Lucas: "Avia, you know you can tell me anything."

So she did.
She told him how she loved him more than she has ever loved anyone but she always knew she wanted to be a singer, she knew she would regret it if she stayed and settled down without going out to explore life and try out a singing career.

Lucas: "So, that's the end of us? Are you sure this is what you want? You know I will support you but do we really have to break up?"
Avia: "I'm sorry, Lucas, I can't be with you and focus on a singing career, either my singing career or our relationship would suffer."

Lucas: "I love you, I hope you know that. I will be here waiting, I always will be."
Avia: "I love you too."

Lucas: "Never forget me, please."


  1. I think this is my favorite chapter! The Love story! I'm a sucker for love stories ^_^ !!!

    1. I'm glad you liked it, I love the love stories too. :D