Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 124

Riley: "Why are you crying? Are you a little baby?"
Get away from him!

I can't get Mason's little friend to go away but Tripp is trying harder than ever to get his to age up, hopefully that doesn't happen.

Kassius: "Flowers for my lady."
Carlee: "They're beautiful, Kassius!"

Kassius: "Look at that dude reading a book, books are totally lame."

Kassius: "I think we we're meant to be."
Carlee: "Do you really think so? Do you think we'll be together forever?"
Kassius: "I don't think, I know."

Mason: "Hey."
Riley: "What's up?"

Mason: "I said to get out of my house!"

Riley: "Ha, I'll never leave!"


Lyrica looks so much like Hershey.

Mason: "Drink this."
Riley: "What is it?"
Mason: "Just drink it, okay?"

Riley: "Whoa, what's in this stuff?!"

Mason: "I hope nobody sees this."

Riley: "Why did you turn me real? I like being made of stuffing."
Mason: "I'm sorry."

Here is the mean Imaginary Friend turned real, Riley!
Hopefully she starts being nicer to Mason.

Why are you guarding something you can't use?
Lyrica: "Because I can, now go away."

I don't think anyone is getting near their food dishes.

Chance: "Must. Run. 10. Miles."

Since Landon passed away they decided that Kassius gets Landon and Peyson's old room, they changed a few things to make it more like Kassius.

Kassius: "I get a new room? Sounds evil."

Kassius: "It. Sounds. So. Evil!!!"

Kassius: "How am I supposed to chill when my hand is trying to choke me?!"

Kassius: "It got me! Someone get help!"
I actually have to agree with that, someone get him some serious help!

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