Monday, September 10, 2012

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 122

Star: "Look at my adorable little boy, I can barely see you because of all of the green in this room."
If Mason's hair wasn't bright red I would lose him in this room, I never realized how green it is.

This tends to happen too often, they won't get out!

Mason: "I left you something in there!"
Landon: "Why was I stuck with the nasty part of toddlerhood?!"

Kassius: "I'm not turning 3, why is there only 3 candles on my cake?"

Landon: "YEAH, let's party all night long!"
*Crashes before 8pm*

Tripp: "I hope the cake catches on fire."

Kassius: "How you doin'?"

Hershey: "Give me the toy, old man!"

Knox: "One day that burger will be mine."

Kassius: "Did you see that? The dog wanted my burger."

He's just so cute sleeping... wait, what is that in the corner of the crib?!

I didn't even know he got one of these things, it just popped up!

I'm glad to see Tripp is taking a break from his world domination plans to act like a kid for once, Kassius is just as absent minded as ever.

Hershey: "Where did this strange looking child come from? I must investigate it."

Hershey: "What is this thing? Where did it come from and why does it look just like me?"
I have no idea, she just spawned in the neighborhood and we had to have her.

We actually stole her from someone.

Chance: "Such a cute wittle puppy dog, you are so cute."
Chance has to be one of the sweetest Baudelaire's ever.

Kassius had to catch a fish for some school project, he had to go all the way across town to find a fishing spot.

Star: "Why is Kassius out after dark?"
If I was you I would be more concerned about my fried hair.

Chance: "Stupid phone won't stop ringing while I'm trying to prepare my stupid spaghetti."

Lyrica: "I have a hot dog!"

Hershey: "I'm not letting that new little pup come near my food, she has a hot dog she can eat."