Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Baudelaire's - Chapter 329

Tiger has never had much interest in the toddlers until now.

Tempest: "You want to rub on me, kitty?"

Victory: "That feels so good, my back was itching really bad."

Victory loves the bugs, actually all of the cats do.

Victory: "I love them the most though!"

I love the Baudelaire's new house!

Victory: "Pay attention to me!"

Victory: "I'm having kittens, I need treats and belly rubs."

Victory: "I just had two kittens."

Victory and Tiger had two adorable kittens! They're both males, this is Puddy.

And his brother Echo! I think I like Echo more, they might have more kittens.

August: "YES! I've been waiting forever for kittens."

Leighton: "I've been waiting longer."

Knightlee: "Kitty noses tickle my fingers."

Puddy: "Hehe, kitty noses tickle me too."

Echo: "Why is everyone talking about tickles and not treats???"

They're adorable!

Oh no, I hope they don't have fleas.

Victory: "Let's make sure you're clean and flea free."

Puddy: "I'm too old for mom to groom me."

Tiger: "My babies are adorable, let's have more."

Queeny is learning to walk! It's about time.

Max: "I didn't mean to potty inside."

Good, Puddy! I guess he doesn't take after Moonie.

Echo: "I do though! I will destroy all of your furniture."

Brenner went fishing and found a little fish for the fish bowl in the kitchen.

Feeding time!

Kingsley: "What about MY feeding time?!"

Tiger: "This is blocking the window, I want to look out."

Tiger: "I just realized that I'm too short to look out."

Puddy: "Totally meant to do that."

Puddy: "Yep... Don't laugh."

Out of all of the places to eat inside, they choose to go outside.

Syrah: "I emptied the potty, are you proud of me?"

Brenner has been spending most of his days upgrading everything.

Syrah: "Yay for upgraded appliances and electronics!"

August: "Yay for pee in the floor and nobody cleaning it up..."

Someone is snoozing good!

Bed time with mom, aren't they adorable?!

Knightlee: "I don't want to watch a show about Sims 2!!!"

Tempest: "Phew, grandma stinks!"

Tempest: "She smells like rotten plasma fruit."

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